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Real Estate Maadi Cairo Egypt

Real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt The Maadi district is considered one of the huge neighborhoods that have a great reputation. The Maadi district was affiliated to Helwan Governorate, real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt but it was transferred to the city of real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt, which is affiliated to Cairo Governorate after 2011. normal.

Top areas of the Maadi district

Real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt There are famous streets in the real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt district, including Street 9 and Nasr Street in New Maadi and Hassanein Desouki Street in Maadi Gardens. There are also famous buildings in Maadi such as the Sadat Academy, real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt Library, Lycée French Schools, Victoria College, Maadi Club, Wadi Degla Club, and Fishing Club, in addition to the presence of hotels. Many are characterized by beauty and luxury, and they are on the banks of the Nile in Maadi, including the Cairotel Hotel and the Sofitel Hotel. In Maadi, there are nightclubs and a number of restaurants that are very famous. It has Maadi City Center and Carrefour Maadi for shopping purposes. It is also very easy to move around Maadi, where there are all means of transportation, and you can go to it easily by metro. Maadi has three stations which are Maadi Gardens and Maadi And Maadi Barracks, and to go to New Maadi, you can use the highway.

Real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt

The most beautiful areas of the district of Maadi

Maadi district is one of the large neighborhoods that consist of multiple areas, and the main area in it is: Old Maadi and New Maadi, and there is a street that connects New and Old Maadi is El Lasilki Street, which is characterized by the presence of shops and restaurants, and it has a Grand Mall, and the old Maadi areas are Maadi Barracks and Degla Zahraa El Maadi, El Mearag City, and the areas of New Maadi are Arab El Maadi and Hadayek El Maadi. There is also a public park in Maadi. Old Maadi The old Maadi district or district is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Maadi, and it is one of the most prestigious residential areas in Egypt. It does not contain more than three floors, and its design combines classic and contemporary, and therefore it is the seat of international bodies and housing for embassies and foreign experts, and the average price of apartments per square meter is 5000 EGP.

Real estate Maadi Cairo Egypt

Liza and real estate Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

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