Here’s how to get Marassi North Coast rent

marassi north coast rent

The North Coast is the number one holiday destination in Egypt these days. The Mediterranean Sea spreads its magic on the area making the weather beautiful, and the sun makes the water warm.

The North Coast is formed of multiple villages with different services levels, designs, and surface areas. The most famous villages on the North Coast include Marassi, Marbella, Marakia, Porto Marina, and more.

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What is the location of the North Coast?

The northern coast is known as the Egyptian Mediterranean coast, an area located in the north of Egypt and extending over 500 km, starting from eastern Egypt in Alexandria to its westernmost point in Salloum.

Located on the Egyptian-Libyan border, the northern coast is considered one of the most extended coasts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the region of North Africa, as Alexandria is one of the most important cities on the northern coast.

It was a center for maritime transport and trade exchange between Egypt and its neighboring North African countries on the Mediterranean coast and in Egypt itself between Alexandria and the rest of the Egyptian cities.

What are the essential services and features on the North Coast?

We find that the North Coast is characterized by the provision of many tourist villages, which differ in spaces and services, as well as the following features:

● Many recreational places are represented in many water parks, namely Aqua Park, and others such as the spa, gym, and jacuzzi.

● Many commercial services are also available, where there are international and luxury shops, malls, and social and sports clubs.

● There are also medical centers equipped with the highest standards, pharmacies, and ambulance centers.

● In the recreational areas intended for children, there are swimming pools, whether for adults or children, and all of them have all kinds of safety.

● Many sites are designated for women, such as many covered swimming pools to have more security and privacy.

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