June 2022


Real Estate Platform Guide: All You Need to Know About Egypt’s Online Platforms

Egypt’s real estate market is extremely dynamic due to its fluctuating tendencies and a plethora of options, however it can become very easy and even profitable, if its trends are understood and if investment is done at the right time.  It is important to initially rely on real estate platforms in Egypt, in order to primarily understand the average prices, square meters and compounds that are...

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Find Your Perfect Online Real Estate Platform

There is no doubt that online real estate platforms are the go-to way for buyers to invest their money into properties or to simply understand the current market trends. Therefore, as a seller or a developer, it is important to understand the benefits of listing properties on online real estate platforms.  As a seller, it is also important to realize that by choosing to list your property, you...

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Liza For Real Estate: The Most Comprehensive Online Platform in Egypt

In addition to being an efficient platform for both sellers and buyers to share properties and investment ideas, Liza also cares about their understanding of the current market trends and cares about informing the visitors of its real estate online platform by providing a plethora of articles on the country’s project launches, hot offers, attractive investment locations and much more.  Our real...

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Online real estate platform Egypt

Liza Platform is on a mission to elevate and improve the process of buying and selling real estate in Egypt. By using Liza’s new online real estate platform, we guarantee an easy and hassle-free home-searching process in Egypt. Liza is a new real estate platform that combines all real estate investment processes in one online platform. Not only is it easier to use an online platform to solve all of...

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Explore The Advantages of Using Online Real Estate Platforms

The real estate market is one of the most complex markets existing all over the world, this is because of its constant fluctuations and changes that practically happen on a daily basis. Using the internet to search for your real estate needs makes the process easier as it offers you all of the latest developments at their latest prices almost instantaneously, without having to make several long phone...

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