Real Estate Platform Guide: All You Need to Know About Egypt’s Online Platforms


Egypt’s real estate market is extremely dynamic due to its fluctuating tendencies and a plethora of options, however it can become very easy and even profitable, if its trends are understood and if investment is done at the right time. 

It is important to initially rely on real estate platforms in Egypt, in order to primarily understand the average prices, square meters and compounds that are located in any of your desired areas. It is also a free way to get this information, so real estate platforms should certainly be your go-to for any of your investment plans. Not only that, but practically the entire real estate industry in Egypt has transitioned to practicing the business online.

With the Liza Real Estate Platform, it is the quickest, latest and least troublesome way to solve real estate-related problems in the market, whether you’re looking to list your house or hunt for a house, Liza’s real estate platform is certainly the best way to cater for your needs.

If you are a potential buyer of a property, there are several points that come to your advantage when browsing a real estate platform in Egypt for investment. These  are the following:

  • Real estate platforms allow for effective and efficient research when analyzing a real estate unit, as all of the unit’s details, features, payment plans, delivery dates and much more are available to potential buyers.
  • Allows you to find the best property that matches all of your needs, whether you are looking for a primary home in the city, or a beach-house on the coasts of the Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, Liza has got you covered.
  • Real estate platforms in Egypt usually have several real estate agents that are working in collaboration with the platform to help you out with your real estate needs. In case you have any specific questions with regards to a property or even on how to effectively use the real estate platform to your advantage. At Liza, this is definitely something you can find, as we can even set up a meeting at the location of your choice, with one of our professional property consultants to help you understand what is available on the market and how to effectively navigate your way around Liza Platform to maximize its benefits and connections to your advantage.
  • Real estate platforms have feature filters that help you filter the available properties based on a number of parameters that you choose, with regards to your real estate needs and requirements. Instead of browsing through all of the listed properties and manually picking the right one for you. Simply, choose the number of bedrooms, floor, size, location, budget or any of the features that are required and you’ll instantly receive a number of properties that fit your chosen filters. This saves you a lot of time and cuts straight to the point.

Liza platform is one of the leading online real estate platforms in Egypt that contains all of the aforementioned benefits, which help buyers when starting their home-searching quest. Liza is a comprehensive proptech platform that acts as a mediator between buyers and sellers to create a harmonious real estate marketplace, serving all interested and connected individuals. Additionally, Liza has been equipped with several adjustments to make your overall experience better and more effective. 

Liza’s online real estate platform offers all kinds of properties for sale or lease in areas all over Egypt. Simply filter the properties with your required location, price range, number of bedrooms, and so on, to find the perfect property for you and your loved ones.

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