Chalet for sale in ElSokhna? Find what you looking for

Chalet for sale in Elsokhna

ElSokhna is a fantastic tourist attraction on the red sea in Egypt near Cairo and Suez. ElSokhna mixes between the convenient location and beautiful nature along the seashore. El Sokhna is near Cairo, as you can reach it in less than 2 hours. 

El Sokhna lies on the Suez Gulf adjacent to Suez city.

El Sokhna is only 120 km away from downtown Cairo and only 55 km from Suez city.

The weather in El Sokhna is beautiful throughout the year. The city is suitable for vacations in both summer and winter. You can enjoy vast and beautiful sandy beaches and clear sparkling water of the Red Sea that you will never forget.

Sokhna hosts and offers multiple entertainment activities to do each visit. You can enjoy snorkeling, camping, scuba diving, beach surfing, ship cruises, and more.

At Liza, we think that real estate investment in El Sokhna is a winning bet, and that is for many reasons. If you are looking to buy a chalet in El Sokhna, then we know that its value will increase greatly over time. You can also rent the chalet and earn extra income all over the year.

Chalet for sale in Elsokhna

El Sokhna attractions: 

There are many beautiful attractions that you should visit in El Sokhna.

  1. The Galala mountain is a beautiful spot that rises 1200m above sea level. This spot enjoys historical and religious importance as it is where prophet Moses and his people escaped from the army’s pharaoh.
  2. Al Galala City is a small city built as a resort on an area of 1000 acres. This resort offers all the needed entertainment options such as cable cars, cinemas, aqua parks, ice rinks, and hundreds of restaurants and cafes.
Chalet for sale in Elsokhna

Liza and real estate investment in El Sokhna.

If you are looking to buy a chalet in El Sokhna, then Liza best Rental app egypt will guide you through the process. Our platform offers numerous options of properties for sale in El Sokhna. You will find villas, apartments, and chalets with different numbers of rooms, surface areas locations, and different payment plans.

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