Chalet for sale in Elsokhna

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ElSokhna is a fantastic tourist attraction on the red sea in Egypt near Cairo and Suez. ElSokhna mixes between the convenient location and beautiful nature along the seashore. El Sokhna is near Cairo, as you can reach it in less than 2 hours.  El Sokhna lies on the Suez Gulf adjacent to Suez city. El Sokhna is only 120 km away from downtown Cairo and only 55 km from Suez city. The weather in...

chalet for sale in el gouna

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El Gouna is an Egyptian resort located on the coast of the red sea north of Hurghada. El Gouna enjoys over 10 km of the red sea coast and about 20 islands. El Gouna is an excellent spot for premium relaxation and welfare. It has grabbed the attention of many Egyptians and tourists as well. El Gouna has developed in a few years to become one of the best attractions all over Egypt. Why is El Gouna a...

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