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chalet for sale in el gouna

El Gouna is an Egyptian resort located on the coast of the red sea north of Hurghada. El Gouna enjoys over 10 km of the red sea coast and about 20 islands. El Gouna is an excellent spot for premium relaxation and welfare. It has grabbed the attention of many Egyptians and tourists as well. El Gouna has developed in a few years to become one of the best attractions all over Egypt.

Why is El Gouna a perfect spot for real estate development?

Although El Gouna is a few kilometers away from Hurghada, El Gouna has become an independent district. El Gouna has its own private airport, a luxurious ship dock, and a hospital.

Elgouna is one of the most beautiful spots in Egypt. This beauty comes from a large number of trees, gardens, and green plants. El Gouna was named Egypt’s greenest spot.

Elgouna offers tons of fun activities to help you have a good time during your vacation. These activities include windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, and more. El Gouna also has many beautiful beaches such as Zeytuna Beach, Moods Beach, and Mangroovy Beach.

El Gouna offers different hotel options with 18 hotels ranging from 3 to 6 stars. El Gouna also offers many chalets for sale, which are great investment real estate opportunities nowadays. 

El Gouna’s atmosphere is perfect for vacations all year long. The temperature ranges from 17 °C to 33 °C throughout the year. The humidity average at El Gouna is 22% which is nice and not bothering like other areas on the coast.

chalet for sale in El Gouna

Liza and real estate opportunities in El Gouna.

Liza is an Egyptian startup platform that specializes in real estate tradings in Egypt. In Liza, we offer you the most efficient way to buy, rent, or sell properties.

If you are looking for a chalet for sale in El Gouna, you will find many options on Liza to choose from. You can scroll through all the available chalets and sort them in any order as you wish. This will help you customize the experience and find the property you need in terms of price, surface area, location, and more.

Liza app offers this service completely free if you are looking for a chalet for sale in El Gouna. However, if you have a property and you want to sell it or rent it, you will pay a small subscription for Liza. We will put your property as an advertisement on our platform.

chalet for sale in El Gouna

What makes Liza platform different from similar services?

When you find a suitable property, you can directly contact the owner and arrange the deal with him. Liza Best Online real estate marketplace allows this contact through our unique chat service. This way, you will not need a broker or other middle man jobs. We will keep all your data safe as it is our priority at Liza.

In this way, you will perform your deals faster and more direct. Your personal data will also be secure, and no one will have access to your mobile phone, email, or address.

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