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5th settlement apartment

The fifth settlement is probably the most affluent and growing area in Cairo right now. The fifth settlement is the central district of New Cairo nowadays. It is home to many commercial, financial, healthcare, and administrative centers. The Fifth settlement also contains multiple high-end neighborhoods with plenty of valuable investment opportunities, more and more about rent and sell property in the fifth settlement you can get from liza platform .

Why do people want to live in the Fifth Settlement?

The Fifth Settlement is divided into many districts as El Shouifat, El Narges, Diplomats, and North investors. This city has no place for random buildings and neighborhoods. The class of the living people there is usually a high class.

The Fifth Settlement housing options always come in the form of compounds that isolate its owners relatively from the busy and crowded life around it.

The residents can find all the needed services in The Fifth Settlement. As for education, you will find top-tier universities and schools as The American University in Cairo and Future University. Healthcare options are also abundant, including the Air Force Specialized Hospital.

The Fifth Settlement is also famous for its high-end shopping centers and malls. The city offers endless commercial experiences with many huge malls hosting all the international brands you might like shopping at. These malls include mega-malls with cinemas and food courts as Cairo Festival City, Point 90 Mall, and Downtown Mall.

5th settlement apartment

The Fifth Settlement Strategic location.

The Fifth Settlement lies in a strategic spot that makes it near all the necessary services around the city. It lies near the Suez road, Ain El Sokhna Rd, and Ring Road. This makes traveling from and to the Fifth Settlement to the neighboring cities easy and convenient. It is also located near Cairo International Airport.

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt is a few Kilometres away from The Fifth Settlement. This makes the future of any real estate investment bright.

5th settlement apartment

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