Apartments for Sale in 6 October Egypt, Find Now your Flat At Liza

Apartments for Sale in 6 October Egypt

apartments for sale in 6 october egypt is a beautiful, well-organized city that is an integral part of the New Cairo area. It is an essential extension of Cairo and Giza towards the west. apartments for sale in 6 october egypt This city is a center for commercial shops, universities, residence, entertainment, and governmental services. 

At Liza, we believe that we should help you find the best apartments for sale in the 6th of October City. So, we made a guide for people who are thinking of buying or renting apartments in October to learn more about its different districts.

apartments for sale in 6 october egypt

The most important residential districts in the city of the 6th of October:

  1. Al Motamayez district:

It is one of the first districts to be built in the city. It has remained a great place to live with high standards for those looking to start a new family in the 6th of October.

  • Bashayer District.

Bashayer District lies in a great location next to the city center. All the banks, commercial centers, and other services are very near the district.

2. Al-Hosary Square.

In October, a central city center and a busy spot that everyone wants to stay near to. It is an essential point that serves all types of services. The square contains cafes, restaurants, transport stations, and more.

The square took the nake of the magnificent Hosary mosque in its middle. This area also witnesses a great ethnic variety of people living there. You will find Africans, Syrians, Arabs who live in the area for business and education.

3.Eighth District.

It is an affluent area in the 6th of October where you can enjoy all the needed facilities and services along with premium residential standards and relaxing neighborhoods at the same time.

4.Tourist area.

The tourist area is famous as a significant residential district in the 6th of October and one of the best places to live in the city.

What are the most important facilities and attractions in the 6th of October City?

The 6th of October is a city that attracts visitors from all over Egypt for its entertainment and facilities. The most important attractions in the 6th of October City include:

  • Universities.

Tens of thousands of students travel every day from the surrounding areas to the city to study in its universities. The city hosts both governmental and private universities.

These universities include the Faculty of Engineering Cairo University and Misr University for Science and Technology “MUST” and October University for Modern Sciences and Arts “MSA.”

  • Shopping Malls and commercial centers.

The 6th of October is a city that has got an outstanding share of its malls and shopping centers. You will find all the brands you might know or need, whether national or international. These malls compete to give you the best luxurious shopping or gourmet dining experience.

These malls include Arab Mall, Porto October Mall, Mall of Egypt, Cityscape Mall, Cairo Gate, Carrefour, Diamond Mall, City Stars the 6th of October, and Hyper One.

What are the best hotels in the 6th of October city?

The city of the 6th of October is a considerable investment gem for real estate developers. That’s why the city has many essential hotels that provide the best hotel resident experience in Egypt. More hotels will open in the next few years, which shows the city’s great investment potential. This is an excellent incentive for people looking for apartments for sale in 6th October Egypt to invest in the town. These hotels include :

  1. Movenpick Hotel and premium neighborhood.
  2. Helnan Dreamland Hotel, Al Waha Street.
  3. Hilton Pyramids Resort El Wahat Road.
  4. Novotel Hotel, along the 26th of July Corridor.
  5. Swiss Pyramids Resort & Swiss Plaza El Wahat Road.

Apartments for Sale in 6 October Egypt

How can Liza help you with real estate investment opportunities in the 6th of October?

Liza can help you find the best apartments for sale in the 6th of October in Egypt. We offer a comprehensive number of options all over the city. You will find all the different apartments you might need.

We will help you by showing you apartments that differ from each other in many aspects. The apartments we offer are different in the surface area of the apartment, the number of rooms, the district, the surrounding services, the location, the price, and the different installment payment systems.

You will find apartments that differ in price according to your budget. You will also find different installment systems on a number of years that range from three, five, and seven years.

You can sort all the available options on many parameters that make your job in searching easier. This will help you find the most suitable option in a short time.

Liza will help you to save both money and time. You will save money as Liza is entirely free from your side, and we will spare you the broker’s fee, which can be expensive. Liza will also help you save money as you will not need to search on any other platforms or call brokers, thanks to the wide variety of apartments on Liza’s platform.

How does Liza work? How are we different from our competitors?

When you find an apartment you like on Liza, you can use Liza’s chat to contact the owner or the developer directly. Liza’s chat is encrypted and will maintain your privacy. You will not need to share any of your personal contact information publicly.

When using Liza, unlike other platforms, no one can get access to your contact information. You will not find random brokers calling you to offer you some real estate opportunities that do not suit you. You will also not receive any bothering WhatsApp messages.

In Liza Proptech, our main concern is to maintain your privacy. That’s why Liza’s Platform was accredited with the ISO 27001 and the ISO 9001 certifications for internet security and quality control.

Liza Proptech Platform can help you with many investment opportunities all over Egypt. We can guide you to find the best apartments or villas to invest in. Check our blog for services in The New Capital, The New Alamein, and Gouna.

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