How to find apartment for sale in New Capital

apartment for sale in New Capital

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt is the star of real estate investment these days. The New Capital is getting all the resources and efforts to be finished in a record time for such a vast city.

Egypt has decided to build the new capital to relieve all the pressure from downtown Cairo.

Why is The New Capital a perfect spot for investment nowadays?

The New Capital is located in a strategic location to the east of Cairo, between Cairo and Suez. Egypt wants the New Capital to be a center for business, education, tourism, administrative services, world-class entertainment, and a strategic center.

The New Capital is divided between the residential district and the Governmental district. The residential neighborhood is divided into 21 different areas with multiple housing projects in each area. The Governmental section is a comprehensive project that includes all the Egyptian administrative services in one place. It will host a presidential palace, ministries, embassies, parliament building, and The Octagon.

The Octagon is the ministry of defense’s headquarters in the New Capital. When finished, it will serve as Egypt’s strategic and leadership center. The Octagon is built to resemble the Pentagon in the USA.

The City will also have a business center with enormous skyscrapers in the world and Africa. It will also have many entertainment services, malls, hospitals, and universities.

The New Capital will be a great place to live as it will have a huge park known as the green river that will make the weather better and decrease pollution.

Liza’s experts think that looking for an apartment for sale in New Capital is a great investment option in 2022.

apartment for sale in New Capital

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