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madinaty apartments for sale

Madinaty is an Egyptian City built in the east of Cairo on about 8000 acres with a budget exceeding 800 billion Egyptian pounds.

It is a large city with high-end residential compounds that hosts all the needed town within the city’s walls.

In this article, Liza will show you why we think it is a good idea to look for Madinaty apartments for sale. We will show you the best attractions in Madinaty.

Madinaty medical services:

Madinaty offers multiple healthcare solutions, including international medical centers, polyclinics. The medical facilities in Madinaty are built on international standards and provided with the latest equipment technology. Un Madinaty, the medical center is ready to treat emergency cases 24-hours a day. The center is prepared to provide the best available care for emergency cases; an ambulance can promptly transfer critical patients.

Madinaty commercial attractions:

Madinaty offers malls and markets with all the international brands you may like. Entertainment options are also covered, which ensures your days will be filled with fun.

The malls in Madinaty include:

1.Arabesque Mall: Arabesque is the oldest mall in Madinaty. It has been the first hub for the city’s residents. It includes essential services such as laundry, bakery, pharmacy, cafes, restaurants, and electronics stores.

2. South Park: It is one of the best attractions inside Madinaty. It serves more than 200,000 residents of Madinaty. It includes 21 different restaurants in the food court. South Park also offers many essential services such as a bus station, a school, a fire station, a supermarket. South Park also hosts the Madinaty headquarters and more than other 15 stores for basic daily needs as a supermarket, a pharmacy, a barbershop, and a lot more.

3. Central Park; is a mall built on the Egyptian Style of design and decor while maintaining a touch of modernity. It was built on 11.9 acres, and this part of Madinaty focuses more on the social life of its residents. That’s why Central Park Contains a mosque courtyard, a children’s park, and more.

Liza and real estate investment in Madinaty:

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