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Features of Madinaty city in Cairo The advantages of life in Madinaty City, which is the creation and development of Talaat Moustafa Group, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt and the Middle East, as it has a long history in this field and extensive experience. Madinaty city site Madinaty city is located as an extension of New Cairo and on the...

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Madinaty is a luxurious housing project that was built on the eastern side of Cairo. It was built by Hesham Talaat Mostafa Group, the biggest real estate investment company in the Middle East. Madinaty is famous for its high-end resident options that made many famous Egyptians as actors, influencers, and even football players as Mohamed Salah live there. The city offers a combination of calm and...

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Madinaty is an Egyptian City built in the east of Cairo on about 8000 acres with a budget exceeding 800 billion Egyptian pounds. It is a large city with high-end residential compounds that hosts all the needed town within the city's walls. In this article, Liza will show you why we think it is a good idea to look for Madinaty apartments for sale. We will show you the best attractions in...

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