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madinaty houses for sale

Madinaty is a luxurious housing project that was built on the eastern side of Cairo. It was built by Hesham Talaat Mostafa Group, the biggest real estate investment company in the Middle East.

Madinaty is famous for its high-end resident options that made many famous Egyptians as actors, influencers, and even football players as Mohamed Salah live there. The city offers a combination of calm and luxurious residence options and the availability of all needed services.

Madinaty offers different levels of housing programs in the form of sub-compounds. These options include villas, houses, apartments, studios, lake houses, and more. Liza will help you find the best Madinaty houses for sale.

Madinaty’s attraction and services:

Madinaty’s medical services:

Madinaty offers many healthcare facilities that range from international hospitals to polyclinics and ambulance centers. The medical facilities are built on international standards and equipped with all the needed diagnostic and therapeutic tools. In Madinaty, the medical facilities manage any medical emergency 24 hours a day. The medical centers can provide the best care to the patients, and there is an ambulance ready to transfer any critical patient.

Madinaty Malls and shopping experiences:

Madinaty is an excellent spot for shopping and entertainment. The malls in Madinaty offer a great variety of brands, restaurants, and entertainment for the whole family.

The Malls in Madinaty City include:

  1. Arabesque mall: it is the oldest shopping area in Madinaty. It is considered the hub for the first residents in Madinaty. Arabesque contains shops and essential services as pharmacy, bakery, laundry, cafes, and restaurants.
  2. South Park: South Park is a famous and more giant mall in Madinaty. It is located in a central spot in Madinaty, where it serves more than 200,000 residents. It has more than 21 restaurants and cafes. It also offers all the basic needs that Madinaty residents may need in their everyday life.
madinaty houses for sale

How can Liza help you find the best options for Madinaty houses for sale?

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Our services at Liza aim to make real estate interactions more direct, secure, and efficient at the same time.

Liza does not only cover Madinaty but also covers the whole Egyptian country. Look for Liza’s services on the 6th of October, New Alamein, and The New capital and read about them on our blog. 

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