You can now find villa for sale in New Capital Egypt

villa for sale in New Capital Egypt

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt is a massive initiative by the Egyptian Government to change the face of Egypt as we know it.

Why do Liza’s experts advise you to invest in The New Capital’s real estate?

The New Capital is built on the east side of Cairo, halfway between Cairo and Suez. Egypt plans to make The New Capital a center for business, tourism, administrative services, and entertainment that grabs the whole world’s attention, not just the Egyptians.

The New Capital will have 21 different residential districts. It will also host an entire governmental section, including ministries, embassies, presidential palace, parliament, and a military complex known as the Octagon.

The Octagon, also known as Egypt’s strategic leader center, will contain the Egyptian Ministry of Defense headquarters. When the Octagon is finished, it will be one of the world’s largest and most prominent military complexes. This structure resembles The Pentagon in the USA.

The New Capital will be a city with all the services you need. It will host hospitals, clinics, universities, schools, a central park known as the green river, and a stadium.

villa for sale in New Capital Egypt

Real estate opportunities in The New Capital.

Many investors are looking for good investment opportunities in the New Capital. If you are looking for a villa for sale in the New Capital Egypt, Liza will make the process easy and secure for you.

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The New Capital has hundreds of going projects nowadays to finish the city as soon as possible. You can benefit from all the new city’s attention and investment by looking for a villa for sale in New Capital, Egypt.

villa for sale in New Capital Egypt

What makes Liza stand out among the competitors?

Liza’s mission is to make buying, renting, and selling real estate in Egypt easier while maintaining privacy and integrity. 

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