Apartments for sale in 5th Settlement Cairo

Apartments For Sale In 5th Settlement Cairo

Apartments for sale in 5th settlement Cairo Suppose you are thinking of living in the Fifth Settlement. In that case, you must get to know the neighborhood with all its areas, in addition to the types and level of services provided, and finally the prices of apartments and villas, and ways to get to and from the assembly apartments for sale in 5th settlement Cairo In this article, we will help you to get adequate answers to all these questions.

Features of the Fifth Settlement City

Apartments for sale in 5th settlement Cairo apartments for sale in 5th settlement Cairo he city is characterized by a low population density. Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods have a high social and living standard, but some areas offer medium and above-average levels within New Cairo, such as the Third Settlement and youth housing in Kattameya. New Cairo is characterized by a slightly higher ground level, so the weather is moderate and less hot in summer, but it may be colder in winter (therefore, this information must be taken into account when choosing the finishing materials for your home). One of the disadvantages of housing in the Fifth Settlement is that the prices are exaggerated, which is the result of the high social level and also due to the increased demand for it. Despite the good layout of the Fifth Settlement neighborhood and the wideness of the streets, it is flawed by the appearance of some crowds at times of the day, especially around the area of ​​Nineteenth Street (the heart of New Cairo).

apartments for sale in 5th settlement cairo

Prices in the Fifth Settlement

One of the most important pieces of information that anyone needs when moving to any neighborhood or area is the prices, so I collected the prices for you in most areas within New Cairo or the Fifth Settlement so that you can determine your budget to make the right decision. The rate of price increase in New Cairo or Fifth Settlement in the past 12 months is 10.26% for apartments, despite the fact that the level of demand is no less than 93% for those looking for apartments in New Cairo. The average price per square meter in New Cairo or Fifth Settlement is 9,500 EGP * for apartments and about 18,150 EGP * for villas. Note that: some areas have different prices in New Cairo or Fifth Settlement, so the price per square meter can reach EGP 5,150 * per meter for the Sphinx area and EGP 11,950 * per square meter for the Choueifat area.

apartments for sale in 5th settlement cairo

Liza and real estate investment in the 5th Settlement.

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