Real Estate in Zamalek and Its Traits

Zamalek luxurious West Cairo

Zamalek is one of the finest neighborhoods in West Cairo. It is an island that’s located in the center of the Nile. Zamalek is a Turkish word that means wooden cottages, as Zamalek was just a clay island in the Nile River. The city is characterized by its pedestrian friendly streets and walking distances as well its antique atmosphere, surrounded by lots of greenery. 

Apartment Prices in Zamalek

 Zamalek luxurious West Cairo

  Liza Many people search for Homes for sale in Zamalek, but real estate is on the more expensive side in this part of town. Prices per meter range between 22,500 EGP and 23,500 EGP.

The Zamalek area has been known since the early 20th century as the finest and established neighborhood of Cairo and residents of the city’s wealthy.

Zamalek is one of the most allegations of real estate prices and the standard of living.

Security in Zamalek has spread heavily due to the importance and so on and the spread of the embassy.

Zamalek’s vital neighborhood is flooded at peak times, and it isn’t easy to get car parking.

One of the most essential features of Zamalek: Cairo Tower, Al Jazeera Club, Al Ahli Club, Opera House, and El Sawy Culturewheel. Zamalek district is located in a strategic location.

Cairo and Giza, this is usually accessible to Zamalek easily through several old months, and the most crucial bridge is on October 6, 15th of May bridge, and Zamalek.

The Most Essential Features Of The Zamalek Neighborhood

Zamalek has a large number of important archaeological and architectural landmarks such as:

Marriott Hotel Cairo: Cairo Marriott Hotel Currently (Al Jazirah Hotel) and Dah were the palaces that Khedive Ismail built to receive guests for the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal.

The palace’s construction at the time was 750,000 pounds because he imported all of the palace’s antique decorations and furnishings all the way from Paris.

In 1879, the ownership of the palace was taken by the Egyptian government to pay a part of Khedive Ismail’s debt to Egypt, turning the palace into “Al Jazeera Palace Hotel.”

But after tourism declined in Egypt after World War I, the government has sold the palace to the Lebanese prince Habib al-Latellah in 1919 and has remained his accommodation.

In 1962, the palace was nationalized and turned into a hotel in the name of Omar al-Khayyam, and at the beginning of the 1970s, Marriott International took ownership of the hotel.

Cairo Tower in Zamalek: Which was built under President Jamal Abdel Nasser from Floss blazed by the USA. The total cost was about 6 million pounds.

Zamalek fish garden: This is one of Zamalek’s most notorious and long-standing landmarks, it is an extremely beautiful park but unfortunately the negligence that occurred over the years is visible in all details of the place.

The most important streets of the Zamalek neighborhood

 Zamalek luxurious West Cairo

Abu al-Feda Street: One of the most famous streets of Zamalek, as there is a range of popular restaurants and cafés such as Biota (opened instead of Left Bank and Sequoia) as well as many others.

In addition to the Abu al-Feda administrative building, a group of the largest international and government companies in Egypt and embassies.

Al Jablaya Street: On this street lies the Al Ahli Egyptian club and the Egyptian Football Federation. You can also find a lot of apartments and houses for sale in this part of Zamalek.

July 26 Street: The most commercial street in Zamalek, located under 15th of May bridge. You can find lots of clothing shops, restaurants and cafes, such as Zooba, MR WOK, Chick Shack and others.

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