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Discover Egypt’s New Capital, Egypt’s New Capital is a promising new city in the east of Cairo Governorate. It contains several districts that cater to different investment needs. Browse properties and information right here with Liza, while saving time and effort. Try our services now for free.

The New Capital is a promising new city in the east of Cairo. The government built this city to relieve the congestion from old Cairo. It is a gigantic project that aims to change the business and economy of the region. The investments in The New Capital are worth more than 40 billion dollars in investments between governmental and private sectors. The surface area of the New Capital is larger than Singapore.

Building this new city is a great real estate investment opportunity for many people in Egypt. Keep reading this article to know more information about investing in real estate. We will also show you how Liza can help you to find the best opportunities in New Capital Egypt.

What Are The Most Important Districts In Egypt’s New Capital?

Discover Egypt’s New Capital
Discover Egypt’s New Capital

The New Capital is going to be an extremely vast and large city. It is estimated that about six million people will live there in the next few years. That is why the city is divided into multiple districts. Each district specializes in a certain form of service. 

Understanding the division of the city is crucial. If you want to choose a suitable area for investment, you should first get to know the important areas in the city to allocate your investments to suit your needs and requirements.

The Residential District of The New Capital, Egypt.

This area will host many residential compounds. However, the government has issued some design restrictions that control the architectural design and height of the buildings.

Each building should have a maximum of 7 stories, a basement, and a ground floor. The surface areas of the apartments will range from 130 to 180 square meters.

Nonetheless, the residential compounds do vary in many other aspects such as price, standard of living and amenities. 

There is a part of the residential district that is specified for villas and townhouses. The New Capital in Egypt will host about 4000 units when finished.

The city will be built over a number of phases. The first phase will be on an area of more than 10,000 acres. It will include about 200 villas and 70 townhouses.

The second phase is even bigger, as it will take place over 15,000 acres with more than 100 villas and 30 townhouses.

The Governmental District Of The New Capital, Egypt.

Discover Egypt’s New Capital
Discover Egypt’s New Capital

The governmental district will be the administrative center of the New Capital. You will find all the ministries, the presidential palace, cabinet building, the parliament, embassies, and more.

There will also be the strategic leadership center of the New Capital. It is known as the Octagon, it is larger than the Pentagon of the United States. The complex will be the largest military complex in the world as it includes the ministry of defense and all its subsidiaries.

The Business District of the New Capital, Egypt.

This district is built to be the international business center in Egypt and surrounding countries. It will host all the banks’ headquarters, buildings with commercial properties, and entertainment centers like malls and parks.

Investment in The New Capital is an extremely good choice right now. The large government investments will make the area grow fast and the demand is expected to double in the next few years. This means more investment returns and profit for you, as a property owner in the New Capital. 

How Can Liza Help You Find The Best Real Estate Opportunities in The New Capital? 

Discover Egypt’s New Capital
Discover Egypt’s New Capital

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The properties available on Liza vary in many aspects. You can choose from a wide variety of properties, as you can filter properties based on different surface areas, number of rooms, location, finishing standard, surrounding services, date of project finalization, type of compound, price, installment systems, and payment plans.

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When you find a property that you like to buy or rent, you can contact the property owner directly through Liza’s integrated chat. There will be no need for any third parties in the process. Our method eliminates the need for brokers and real estate agents. 

Your privacy is our number one concern at Liza.

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Liza’s services are not exclusive to The New Capital Egypt. You can find more opportunities on our platform. Visit our blog to explore options in cities like The New Alamein, 5th Settlement, and the 6th of October.

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