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studios for sale in zamalek

Zamalek is one of the busiest, yet most luxurious districts in downtown Cairo. If you want to buy an apartment in this area, then Zamalek is the best spot to search. Liza will help you to find the best Zamalek apartments for sale.

Zamalek is a luxurious district in the west of Cairo. It encompasses the north pole of Gezira island. Gezira Island is connected to the surrounding lands through the Qasr El Nil Bridge and the 6th of October bridge.

The district of Zamalek is one of the most affluent districts in the Egyptian capital. Many foreigners like to live in Zamalek thanks to its quiet neighborhoods and a lot of green trees.

The nature of the district and the high standards of living have made this area one of the most attractive residential districts in Cairo. Zamalek is also the home to many fine-dining restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Gezira Island is rich in attractions suitable for high-class people. It is rich in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Islamic Ceramics. It also hosts the famous Egyptian Opera House Complex and ElSawy Culture Wheel Centre.

The buildings of the Zamalek district are distinctive and authentic. Many buildings in Zamalek follow the Art Deco style.

Zamalek district is home to more than half a million Egyptian and Non-Egyptian residents. It is a good idea to look for Zamalek apartments for sale. 

Zamalek is a great district to live in. Many high-class Egyptians as actors and businessmen prefer to live in Zamalek. The prices in Zamalek for rent and sale are high thanks to the continuous demand in the area. At Liza, we think that it is a great idea to look for studios for sale in Zamalek. 

The prices of rent and sale per square meter in Zamalek are higher than average. So it is a good idea to look for studios for sale in Zamalek. 

You can get a continuous income from renting the studio. Your investment will be gaining value continuously thanks to the capital gain. If you think about living in Zamalek, it is also a great idea. Zamalek is one of the best places to live in Cairo.

studios for sale in zamalek

Zamalek attractions and facilities:

The Zamalek district is home to a number of well-known Egyptian landmarks. 

Top spots to be visited in Zamalek.

  1. Cairo Opera House.

Cairo Opera House is the main spot for attending art venues in Cairo. The opera started operating in 1988. It is the home to all the most famous musical groups in Egypt. The building of the Opera is magnificent. It has three separate theatres, one of them is being an open-air venue. The Opera was originally funded with help from the Japanese government.

2. Mandarine Kreider.

It is a restaurant and an ice cream shop. It is a family business with three branches. It is a spot that has been standing in Zamalek since 1928. It is known for tasty ice cream,

Fresh French pastries, excellent ice cream, and chocolate. Mandarin Kwider is the perfect spot to enjoy a sweet treat at the end of an exhausting day.

3. Cairo tower.

It is located in the northern part of an island. It is the tallest concrete building in Egypt with a height of more than 180 meters.

Cairo tower is one of the most iconic and visited attractions in Egypt. It was first opened in 1961. It was designed initially by the Egyptian architect Naoum Shebib.

The design takes the shape of an open latticed framework to resemble the lotus plant. Cairo tower is a spot that every Egyptian and tourist should visit. The top of the tower has a revolving restaurant for a beautiful experience. For a small fee, you can take some memorable photos on the top of the tower.

How can Liza help you find the best studios in Zamalek for sale? 

Liza is a platform with a comprehensive number of choices and a wide variety of properties. We will offer you a large number of studios for Zamalek for sale.

The studios in Zamalek are variable and flexible with many options. You will find on Liza different choices of studios that differ in a number of rooms, surface area, location, location, level of finishing, whether it is furnished or not, level of surrounding services and its availability, price range, payment plans, and installment options.

You can use the sort option in Liza to rearrange the available options according to a number of parameters. This makes choosing the best option for your case easier and faster.

When you find a studio in Zamalek for sale that you like to buy, you can contact the property owner directly through Liza’s chat. Our chat enables an encrypted direct connection between the buyer and the seller without third parties needed. Our main mission at Liza is maintaining our clients’ privacy while improving the efficiency and integrity of the process.

While using Liza, you will not find random brokers calling you unexpectedly after getting your number from our platform. You will no longer receive random WhatsApp messages from real estate agents.

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