I Villas for Sale in New Capital City

l Villas for Sale in New Capital City

If you are looking for villas for sale in New Capital City, then Liza will help you finish this task. The New Capital is a giant Egyptian project that will change the face of Egypt. With more than 40 billion dollars of investment, Egypt is building a new city that is larger than Singapore in surface area.

The New Capital will be home to more than 6 million Egyptian residents when finished. It is built to be a strategic center and a home for business and investments of all kinds. The city aims to promote investment opportunities and create millions of job openings in the next few years.

The city is formed of several districts, it is important to understand the dynamics of the city so that you can determine the best I Villas for Sale in New Capital City. This will help you choose the location of your villa wisely.

  • The Residential Neighborhood in the New Capital.

The Government has issued a single plan that controls the construction details and design of the residential buildings in the New Capital. Each apartment complex will consist of the following:

  • 7 typical floors in addition to a basement and a ground floor.
  • Each floor has a surface area of 580 square meters.
  • Each floor is divided into a number of apartments ranging from 130 to 180 square meters.

The residential neighborhoods are various and abundant in the New Capital. They vary according to the level of housing, the design, the neighborhood implementation, and more. However, they all share the same concepts mentioned before.

The Residential District in the New Capital.

The residential district is an area specified for villas and apartment complexes and other structures as townhouses. The plans for the New Capital include 4000 villas and townhouses that will be built on many phases. It will be divided as follows:

-The first phase is being built on an area of 10,000 acres and it is formed of more than 190 villas and 71 townhouses.

-The second phase takes place on an area over 15,000 acres that include more than 130 villas and 50 townhouses.

  • The Governmental district of The New Capital.

This district will host 18 ministerial buildings, a presidential palace, a parliament complex, and a cabinet building.

The New Capital will also host the Octagon which is the militarian complex that is larger than the Pentagon in the United States of America. This complex will include the Tne Ministry of defense and all the related administrations.

  • The business district in The New Capital Egypt.

This area includes the iconic tower and multiple business hubs. It will also host all the banks’ headquarters and other multiple buildings that offer commercial properties, entertainment centers, and residential units.

  • Compounds and I villas for sale in the New Capital.

Many real estate developers are interested in making the new capital compounds an example for luxury and premium life. Some projects have a special design and architectural value more than others. This makes the villas vary greatly in price.

  • The New Capital Egypt progress news.

The housing units in the third district R3 are finished and the constructions in the exterior work in the housing units have ended. This project was implemented by the Ministry of Housing.

-The new parliament building will be finished at the end of 2021. The state employees will start transferring in the first quarter of 2022. This will be a start to a new era of governmental services in the New Capital.

  • The monorail train in the New Capital is in progress as the construction reached 24%.

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