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Ain Sokhna 5-star real estate

The Best Resorts in Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Egypt, as it overlooks the Red Sea coast, which is famous for its water purity, lively reefs  and soft sand. All of the Ain Sokhna resorts are extended right on the beautiful shores of the sea, which is the country’s number one tourist attraction.

Best Ain Sokhna Resorts

Find out the best resorts located in this beautiful town on the Red Sea shore. We selected the best hotels in this region based on impeccable service, panoramic views of the seashore as well as high overall ratings.

Ain Sokhna 5-star real estate

Ain Sokhna 5-Star Resorts

Movenpick Hotel Ain Sokhna: The Movenpick hotel chain is considered one of the best hotels in Egypt. Movenpick Hotel Ain Sokhna offers wonderful views of the pool, the seashore and the Gulf of Suez. It features a beautiful large terrace with a set of sunbeds to relax in the sun. In addition to a fitness center, sauna and massage rooms. The resort is also surrounded by magical scenery which includes the sea as well as the Galala mountain range.

Jaz Little Venice Golf & Resort: This beautiful resort offers spacious and modern rooms with large balconies that overlook the resort gardens and the surrounding scenery. This resort also has a private beach for hotel guests to enjoy. Not only that, but the resort also hosts a large golf course that can be accessed at an additional fee.

Stella Di Mare Resort: Stella Di Mare Resort offers premium services. It has both an outdoor heated pool and an indoor one, which is also accompanied by a sauna and a spa. The resort rooms overlook the vast green gardens or the golf course.

You can spend your days enjoying various water activities such as kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and enjoyable physical sports such as squash, Golf, tennis, cycling and much more.

Cancun Sokhna Resort

Cancun is one of the best resorts located in Ain Sokhna. It overlooks the Red Sea directly, and offers a range of recreational activities. You can choose between enjoying the pool or the resort’s private beach.

It has a fitness center, several massage rooms, and you can also enjoy some fishing from the private beach’s sea platform.

Additionally, Porto Sokhna Mall is only 20 km away from the resort, in case you were looking for a change of scenery.

Stella Di Mare Sea Club

This resort is truly one of the best in the Ain Sokhna region. With a large selection of beautifully-designed villas, it’s a great resort to experience luxury and ease. Not only that, but each villa contains 6 air-conditioned rooms. Each villa contains its own private pool, for villa guests to enjoy.

Each room also has a seating area and a large terrace or balcony overlooking the pool.

The resort has various activities that one can occupy their time with, such as cycling, going to the spa, visiting the resort’s recreational facilities, enjoying water activities and much more.

Dome Marina Resort Ain Sokhna

Dome Marina Resort offers plenty of recreational activities. It provides facilities for the disabled. There are also VIP facilities, luggage storage and shops on site.

It is one of the best Ain Sokhna resorts when it comes to serving wonderful seafood dishes. 

Additionally, the Ain Sokhna hot springs are located 20 km from it.

Ain Sokhna 5-star real estate

What is the best 5-Star resort in Ain Sokhna?

Mövenpick Resort El Sokhna, Jaz Little Venice Golf & Resort are two of the best 5-star resorts and both hotels hold a very good overall rating for their services and locations


Which Ain Sokhna resort is considered more affordable, according to Arab visitors?

Dome Marina Resort Ain Sokhna and Cancun Resort in Ain Sokhna are two of the more affordable yet best-rated hotels among its Arab visitors.

What are the best Ain Sokhna beach resorts?

Both Cancun Resort in Ain Sokhna and Jaz Little Venice Resort & Golf are connected directly to the seashore.

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