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Liza Proptech and the real estate evolution in Egypt.

Liza’s Proptech is a revolutionary tool that has been added recently to the Egyptian real estate market. Liza Proptech A Proptech is a tool that uses information technology “IT” and platform economics and applies it to the real estate market. Liza Proptech The need for Proptech is increasing in Egypt as it makes the real estate processes easier and direct. Proptech also decreases Liza Proptech paperwork and makes the transactions more secure and efficient.

Liza is a platform that aims to connect the buyers, sellers, investors, and developers of real estate investment in Egypt. Liza is interested in making the most of the revolutionary changes in the Egyptian real estate market these days. Liza’s primary mission is to enhance and facilitate real estate operations while maintaining the privacy and security of all parties involved.

Liza’s Proptech uses an encrypted chat service to connect our clients. This method eliminates the need for sharing personal contact information publicly.

Liza Proptech

How to benefit from Liza as a client?

Liza’s Proptech can give you a hand to find any real estate opportunities you might be looking for. You will find options suitable for short and long-term investments; you will also find units and properties ideal for personal residence.

We have offers in different forms, including apartments, houses, villas, chalets, studios, lake houses, business offices, and a lot more; you will find what you need at Liza.

Liza provides you with a wide variety of properties in Egypt. Our country is now witnessing a revolution in the real estate market thanks to the new cities the government is building. You can find different investment opportunities at Liza in all the new towns, including The New Administrative Capital, The New Alamein, The New Galala City, Soma Bay, Katemya heights, and more.

Liza also has a broad set of variable properties for real estate investment or residence in many of the most wanted spots in Egypt. Explore more properties throughout Egypt in cities and districts like Rehab, Maadi, 5Th Settlement, 6th of October, Ain Sokhna, Alexandria, Marsa Matruh, and many more.

Liza can help you rent or buy a property in all of Egypt. The options we offer, differ in many things that you can choose from. You can find apartments at Liza that are different in their location, surface area, number of rooms, length of the contract, price, payment options, surrounding services, levels of finishing of the product, and the actual date you can use the property in. 

The prices on Liza are flexible are variable. You can choose a suitable option for your budget. There are also different types of payment plans that you can go through. You can pay the property price through installments on the length of 3,5,7 years.

Liza’s platform sorts the available properties according to many parameters. This makes choosing easier and faster.

After searching for a suitable property for your needs, when you find an interesting offer, you can contact the owner of the property directly through our chat. This chat is encrypted so that your data remains secure. You can inquire from the owner about any extra information.

Using Liza’s chat to communicate allows our clients to maintain their privacy and not share their mobile phone numbers, emails, or social media accounts. You will not find random calls from brokers while using Liza. No one will have the ability to access your personal contact information without prior permission. Say goodbye to brokers calling you after getting your number from a platform like Liza or spamming you with Whatsapp offers that you do not need.

If you like to go on with the process, you can arrange all the details with the owner in a completely confidential manner through Liza’s chat.

Liza is a great win for anyone who wants to buy or rent an apartment. This is because Liza is completely free on your side so that it will save you money. It will also save you time as you will not have to connect with brokers or real estate agents as you will contact the owner directly.

Liza proptech

How to benefit from Liza as an owner or a real estate developer?

If you are a property owner and you think about selling or renting your property, then you are probably worried about this process. Do not worry; Liza is here to make everything easier.

Without Liza, you will probably call a real estate agent or a broker to market your property. This way may be effective, but it is also expensive and time-consuming. It depends on the brokers’ abilities and connections. The brokers also end up charging you his fees as a percentage of the total process, which can make a great sum of money sometimes and decreases your investment gains.

In Liza, we will only charge you with a fixed subscription fee that does not change according to the value of your property. It only changes according to the duration that you want your ad running on our platform. Our way is much less expensive and will cost you much less than the brokers’ fees. 

As a real estate developer, Liza is also waiting to help you. We have special offers for developers allowing them to run multiple ads on our platform for competitive rates.

Liza can also help elderly property owners by sending our agents to help them list their properties on Liza and teach them how to use the platform.

Liza’s Proptech cares for privacy and security.

Liza, as a leading Proptech and platform, has always considered its clients’ privacy a priority. Liza’s platform has earned the ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation. This is a quality certificate in the field of data security and information management. We have also earned the ISO 9001, which is the number one worldwide international accreditation for quality management systems “QMS.”

The previous accreditations reflect Liza’s great concern for the clients’ safety and privacy. We aim to improve the efficiency of real estate investment processes in Egypt while keeping the transactions secure and private.

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