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Liza platform

Liza platform is a new tool and a solution for real estate investment assistance. Liza Platform is leading a revolution in both digital marketing and real estate opportunities. In Liza Platform, our main mission is to connect the potential buyers with the property owners. We aim to protect the privacy, Liza Platform security of your data and maintain the process’s efficiency at the same time.

The communication between the property owners and the potential buyers is carried out through an encrypted chat service designed by Liza. This method eliminates any future need for brokers or third parties.

How can Liza help you as a client?

Whatever the opportunity you are looking for, Liza is the best companion for you. Whether you are looking for an apartment, villa, chalet, lake house, studio, or more, we will get you what you need.

Liza offers a comprehensive set of properties in nearly any area in Egypt. Our services include the new thriving spots in the real estate market of Egypt. These new areas include The New Administrative Capital of Egypt, The New Alamein City, Soma Bay, The New Galala City, Qatameya heights, Makadi bay, Sheikh Zayed, and more. 

We also cover the old, yet important, spots that people want to buy and rent in them. These cities include places like Maadi, The 5th Settlement, The 6th of October, Ain Sokhna, Alexandria, Al-Rehab, Marsa Matrouh, and a lot more.

We will show you a great variety of properties that you might like to proceed with. You will find properties for rent and sale. The properties displayed on Liza are different in many aspects, such as the number of rooms, the surface area, the location, the surrounding services, whether the apartment is in a compound or not, the level of finishing, the date of completion of the project and a lot more.

You can also find different payment options for different projects. You can choose the payment system that suits you the most, whether you will pay in cash or pay with an installment system. Different payment plans include three years, five years, and seven years.

To find the best property that matches your need faster, Liza’s platform allows you to sort the available options according to many parameters, so you will find what you are looking for faster.

When you like the property at Liza that you want to rent or buy, you will contact the property owner directly using our chat. This way, you will not publicly share your mobile number and personal contact information. No one will get in touch with you without your prior permission. Say goodbye to random phone calls from brokers and overwhelming Whatsapp messages that you do not know about.

You can arrange all the details with the property owner through Liza’s chat. Liza’s services are entirely free, and you will not need to pay any broker’s fee.

As a client who wants to buy or rent a property, Liza is undoubtedly your best choice. You will save brokers’ fees as Liza is entirely free. You will also save a lot of time as the offered properties at Liza are comprehensive, and you will not need to search on any other platforms or ad sites.

Liza platform

How can Liza help you as a property owner?

As a property owner, renting or buying your property can be difficult. Thanks to Liza platform, we are here to make this process a lot more direct and accessible.

The traditional way to rent or sell your property is by calling a broker or more and telling them to bring you, clients. While this is undoubtedly effective, it is also expensive as the broker charges you by a percentage of the property’s value. The brokers end getting a costly fee from both the owner and the buyer.

Liza’s way is different and makes you pay much less. When you want to place an advertisement on Liza’s platform, you will pay a fixed subscription fee based on the amount of time your ad will be running. This fee is fixed regardless of your property’s values. Our fees are much less than what the brokers will take from you. 

Liza can also help you with a special section to advertise your projects and properties if you are a real estate developer. We offer more budget-friendly options for real estate developers who will be advertising on the platform for more extended periods.

Liza offers a service to help older people list their properties on Liza. We can send our agents on-site to help the elderly owners capture photos and list the property online on the website. Our agents also can teach them more about Liza’s platform and how to use it.

Liza platform

Liza’s care for privacy.

Your needs as a client, owner, or developer are our primary concern at Liza. We also have made our mission to maintain our client’s data privacy. Liza’s platform and operations have earned the ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This international certificate ensures how we can manage information and data security. This makes Liza strictly adherent to global policies and standards to manage and maintain our client’s data.

Liza has also earned the ISO 9001 accreditation, which is the leading international accreditation for quality management systems “QMS.” 

These accreditations ensure that Liza is a leader in the PropTech category. This means better management of processes, transactions, and improved effectiveness and productivity.

Liza’s platform and PropTech development in Egypt.

PropTech is known as the use of IT “information technology” systems to enable the clients’ whether individuals or developers, to manage the real estate processes either by selling, buying, or renting.

Liza’s PropTech has mixed the international standards, the latest technologies, and the experience of its founders with leading the proptech category in Egypt.

With more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market in Egypt, our founders have created Liza to be a leader of the new proptech platforms in Egypt.

The dramatic changes in the real state scene in Egypt that happened in the last few years have made it necessary for Liza to lead the PropTech platforms in the market.

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