Liza Platform: Revolutionizing The Egyptian Proptech Industry

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The power of technology is now evident more than ever. In Egypt, it is important to provide more modern solutions to solve people’s everyday problems, and technology is the strongest force to lead to this change.  With the Liza Platform and Mobile App, we are looking to completely revolutionize and elevate the Egyptian Proptech industry, by digitizing all of the transactions involved and placing them under one platform. 

What are the benefits of using the Liza mobile app? 

With just a few simple clicks, we offer you a wide-ranged mobile application that allows you to manage your properties, and connect with others to fulfill your real estate needs. On our platform, you will find a variety of properties, both commercial and residential, as well as lucrative investment opportunities. Furthermore, with Liza’s mobile app, you can now be on top of all the latest news and projects within Egypt’s real estate industry.

Liza and How it is Revolutionizing the Egyptian Proptech Industry

Liza is an Egyptian proptech, and a comprehensive real estate platform. We work hard to connect sellers and buyers with each other in a fast and simple manner. Liza’s main objective is to maintain privacy and security of your personal contact information. Our method is to connect buyers and sellers in a manner that does not require any third parties or middlemen. In addition to that, we offer all different kinds of real estate opportunities. You will find properties that include villas with private pools, studios, chalets, townhouses, twin-houses, apartment complexes and much more. 

You can find properties with a range of prices, surface areas, number of rooms, location, finishing standard, date of project finalization, payment plans, surrounding services, number of stories of the property and more. Liza’s real estate mobile app will help you look through these features easily. Liza will allow you to stay within your budget, as there are many prices and payment plans that you can choose from to fit your financial needs. 

How is Liza different from the other competitor platforms? 

Once you find the best real estate opportunity for you on Liza, you can instantly get in touch with the owner of the property directly through Liza’s integrated chat. This direct contact between the buyer and seller is an excellent way to handle business operations and transactions, without the hassle of dealing with third parties and middlemen as brokers and real estate agents. Your chat within Liza platform is encrypted in order to preserve your privacy and confidentiality. 

Our main mission at Liza is to provide security, privacy and transparency, that’s why your personal contact information is kept with utmost secrecy and integrity, to ensure that you do not receive any calls or any other disturbances from uninvited brokers and agents. Additionally, Liza’s services are useful and beneficial for both buyers and sellers. 

Liza and ISO accreditations.

Liza’s main commitment is to make interactions as private and secure as possible. That’s why Liza has acquired the ISO certifications of ISO 9001 and the ISO 27001. These accreditations are awarded for a high level of quality control and online data security. This is a great reflection of our services, deeming them as more secure, direct, and efficient.

When finding your online real estate platform, it is simply a no-brainer that Liza is the ultimate real estate platform to fulfill all of your real estate requirements. With the Liza Real Estate Platform, it is the quickest, latest and least troublesome way to solve real estate-related problems in the market, whether you’re looking to list your house or hunt for a house, Liza’s real estate platform is certainly the best way to cater for your needs.

Whether you are searching for a home in the bustling city of Cairo, or a beautiful coastal home on the relaxing shores of the Red Sea or the Mediterranean sea, Liza has got it all. Liza’a main goal is to take the real estate industry by storm, to provide its clients with top-class experiences and services that cover the entirety of Egypt. Be a part of the leading Egyptian Proptech platform and enjoy the features and advantages that the platform provides. 

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