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Liza Proptech Platform

Egyptian Liza Proptech Platform aiming to change the real estate market in Egypt. A Proptech is a technological tool that integrates the use of information technology systems and Liza Proptech Platform economics into the real estate market processes. Egypt is witnessing a national real estate revolution thanks to the new cities that are being built nowadays. That is why Proptech will be a great addition to the Egyptian real estate market in 2022. Proptech also decreases Liza Proptech Platform the red tape clutter making the processes more efficient.

Liza is a real estate Proptech platform that works as a marketing tool to connect the buyers and sellers of real estate. Liza’s founders think that they can help all parties make the most profit from the revolutionary changes in Egypt nowadays. Liza’s main mission is to make the processes in real estate easier and more efficient while maintaining the privacy and security of our client’s data. Liza aims to allow direct contact between both parties without any third-parties getting involved in the process.

This direct contact is established through Liza’s chat. Liza’s chat is an encrypted chat tool where the buyer and the seller can communicate freely and secretly. This communication eliminates the need for sharing personal contact information.

Liza Proptech Platform

Liza Proptech Platform’s services for clients.

Liza’s platform is a great tool to help you find the best property for sale or rent in Egypt. The wide variety offered by Liza makes you satisfied and confident that you will find what you need. The options at Liza can be great investment opportunities and also can be residential spots.

We offer different types of properties, including villas, chalets, houses, apartments, lake houses, twin houses, studios, business hubs, commercial investments, and more. Anything you might need, you will find it on Liza.

Liza’s offers are all over Egypt. We operate in nearly every city in Egypt. The new cities built in the last few years are taking a lot of attention nowadays. Liza will get you some great opportunities in The New Capital, The New Alamein, The New Galala City, Soma Bey, Katameya heights, Madinaty, Owest, and many more cities and projects.

Liza will also find great deals and offers of different kinds of properties in many of the older and most wanted places in Egypt real estate market that are great for both investment and personal residence. These spots include places like 5th Settlement, 6th of October, Rehab, Maadi, Ain Sokhna, Gouna, and many more.

The variety in Liza does not only stop at the type of properties but also extends to many more details. This includes the location, the surface areas, the number of rooms, the age of the building, the level of finishing, the date of operation, the price, the length of contract if it is rent, the payment options, and installment systems.

On Liza, you can find different price options that fit all kinds of budgets. You can also find the best payment plan as many projects offer different payment plans that include installments over a certain number of years. You can pay on the period of 3 or 5 or 7 years.

You can sort the available ads at Liza’s platform according to many options. This makes the choosing process more directed towards what you need. 

After skimming through the different ads and finding the ones that suit your needs the most, you can contact the owner directly through Liza’s chat. Our chat is encrypted and secure. 

Using Liza’s chat as the way of communication will eliminate the need to exchange phone numbers and emails publicly. This will allow you to protect your account’s privacy from brokers and real estate agents that might get your number from similar platforms and use it for marketing purposes.

No one will have access to your contact information without your prior permission for them. You will not suffer from brokers calling you or sending you random messages that make you feel uncomfortable.

You will arrange all the future details of the process with the owner through Liza’s chat.

Liza is a winning bet for anybody who wants to rent or buy a property. Liza Proptech Platform will help you save both time and money. Liza is completely free from your side, so you will save a lot of money instead of hiring a broker to look for a property. Liza real estate market will also help you save time as you will not need to explore other similar platforms thanks to the wide variety available on the platform.

Liza Proptech Platform

Liza’s services for owners and developers.

If you have a property and you want to rent or buy it then, Liza will show you the best way to do it. Liza will help you get rid of real estate agents and brokers for a lot less price.

With Liza, we will charge you a reasonable fixed subscription that is a lot less in price than the brokers’ fees. The brokers will charge you based on the price of the property, which will result in a great sum of money.

Using the brokers’ services is also dependant on the brokers’ connections and abilities. 

The fee you will pay at Liza will only differ according to the duration that your advertisement will stay running on Liza’s platform.

Placing an ad on Liza will always be more efficient than the traditional ways thanks to our wide variety and a large number of customers.

If you are a real estate developer, we will be more than happy to assist you. Liza will offer you competitive rates for you to run multiple ads on our platform for variable lengths of time.

Liza can also help elderly owners to list their products on the platform. Liza’s agents will visit the owner in need and help him with the listing process and teach him more about how to use the platform.

Liza Proptech Platform has maintained the privacy and secrecy of its clients. Liza has earned the ISO 9001 and the ISO 27001 accreditations. These certificates ensure a high level of information security and improved quality control systems.

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