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types of commercial property

To find out about the different types of commercial property, we need to answer this question first. What is a commercial property? 

Types of commercial property can be defined as a property with the potential to provide profit by rental income or the ongoing capital gain. Types of commercial property has many forms that fall under this category, it can be an office building, a restaurant, an apartment complex as a duplex, and many other forms. Anything that can generate income either from rental or reselling or leasing it can be considered a commercial property.

What is the difference between investment in residential property and investment in commercial property? 

Commercial real estate investment requires a larger investment to be paid upfront. The amount of money invested in the commercial property is usually  larger than residential property. However, the expected investment return is also higher in the commercial property.

There are some ways to increase profits from commercial property investment such as triple net leases. These leases make the tenant responsible for paying many financial burdens such as maintenance, insurance, and real estate taxes.

Another difference is that you will not usually have the chance to live in a commercial property. This investment will not be suitable if you are looking for a home for your family. However, commercial properties make you in direct contact with business owners and not renters. This is better because businesses generate profit and are more likely to stick to the terms and pay rent in a reliable manner.

What are the types of commercial property that you can invest in? 

  1. Office

The office buildings are divided into two different categories, urban and suburban offices. 

The urban offices are in high buildings that include skyscrapers and large-scale properties. These properties total areas are huge reaching millions of square feet in total.

The Suburban office buildings are built in smaller buildings and may be grouped into office parks.

Any office building can be tenanted for a single organization or multiple organizations. The office buildings are classified into three classes. Class A and Class B and Class C


The retail is usually multi-tenant. The retail is usually led by a lead tenant or an anchor that brings traffic into the property.

Retail is a complicated sector. The kind of shopping mall changes according to many factors. These factors include number of tenants, trade area, the size, ans concept type.

3.Industrial properties.

The industrial buildings host industrial processes for a variable number of tenants. The industrial properties are usually placed away from urban areas. They are always located near major transportation roads. Some can consider low-rise buildings into the group of industrial parks.


The multifamily commercial property includes all types of residential real estate units. It includes comdos, townhouses, ans apartments. The multifamily properties follow the same classification of the office buildings that include Class A, Class B, and class C classifications.

The apartment rental buildings have a separate classification which includes six different categories which are: 

  1. Hig-rise
  2. Mid-rise
  3. Garden-style
  4. Walk-up
  5. Manufactured housing community
  6. Special purpose housing


types of commercial property

The hotels include all the establishments that provide accommodation and sevices as food and meals for travelers. The hotel may be an independent hotel or a part of larger chains as Mariott or Sheraton.

6. Special purpose. 

Special purpose real estate properties are usually owned by commercial real estate investors. However, they do not fall into any of the previously mentioned categories. Special purpose properties include bowling alleys, churches, mosques, self-storage, and amusement parks.

types of commercial property

How can Liza help you invest in different types of commercial property? 

Liza can help you find all the kinds of commercial properties. Liza’s platform covers all Egypt. We will show you variable investment opportunities in real estate. Whether you are looking to buy or rent a commercial property, Liza can help you invest in all types of commercial property.

The commercial properties present at Liza differ in many aspects as the surface area, the location, the number of offices, the level of finishing, the type of surrounding services, and the date of ending the project, the price, and the payment installment plans.

Liza will help you find the best offers for your budget. The properties will be with different price ranges and you can choose what is suitable for you. There are also multiple installment plans that you can pay with. You can pay the value of the property on a number of years up to 10 years without down payment.

Liza’s platform allows you to rearrange and sort the offers according to your preferences. This makes finding the best commercial property for you an easy job.

When you find a commercial property of any type that you like to buy or rent through Liza, you can contact the developer or the property owner directly through Liza’s chat. Our chat is encrypted and secure. No one will have access to the content of the chat and no personal contact information will be available publicly.

While using Liza, you will not find random brokers calling you unexpectedly to offer you unsuitable properties after getting your number from our platform. You will not find WhatsApp messages invading your privacy to offer your random real estate options.

In Liza, we value your privacy above everything. Our methods have eliminated the need for third parties and middlemen. We work to maintain privacy and efficiency at the same time.

Liza will help you save time. Our options are comprehensive and you will not need to browse other platforms or websites. You will get in touch with the owner directly without hustle, this also saves a lot of time.

Liza will also help you save money. Liza is free and will not charge you. Brokers and real estate agents charge you according to the price of your property. This will help you save a huge amount of money.

Liza’s services are present in all cities of Egypt. We will help you find commercial properties in any place you like. Browse our blog and read about real estate opportunities in The New Alamein, The 5th Settlement, and Maadi.

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