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Townhouse for sale in ElGouna

El Gouna is an Egyptian resort city built on the Red Sea coast near Hurghada. Although El Gouna is someway distant from Cairo, it has gained increasing popularity as a luxurious vacation spot thanks to the international events that are occurring in Gouna.

In this article, we will show you the perks and advantages of El Gouna city and how Liza can help you with finding the best townhouse for sale in Liza.

What are the advantages and perks of buying a real estate property in El Gouna?

El Gouna enjoys a great location on the coast of the Red Sea, only 25 kilometers from Hurghada in the North direction. El Gouna is a home for a lot of hotels and resorts with the highest standards of premium residence and luxurious vacations.

El Gouna resorts focus on having a vast space of green scenes and landscapes. The mix between the beaches and the green gardens is breathtaking and makes you enjoy a variable number of great views. 

The buildings and facilities are built on the European style design and its architecture in a Venetian style. The waterways of the methods are the most important properties that give decent value to the city’s look.

El Gouna is focused on providing the best leisure activities in the most excellent way for its users. El Gouna’s nature is amazing as it is surrounded by a group of different islands that are a great spot for cruises and fishing.

These islands are splendid with sparkling beaches and clear water; you can reach these islands with a private yacht and enjoy a day full of leisure activities. These islands offer a unique experience with many activities available such as diving trips, boat trips, and charter fishing trips.

There are many activities even for kids in El Gouna. Your kids will not feel abandoned or bored. There are options like the glass-bottom boat that the kids adore. This boat is a great trip to explore life underwater and find out more about marine life. A glass boat is also a great option for adults who do not enjoy swimming and water activities.

El Gouna restaurants have a wide variety. It enables you to eat all kinds of food every day. You can find all the cuisines in EL Gouna. You are free to choose between fine dining restaurants and fast-food chains that make you happy. You can find an Italian kitchen, seafood, Egyptian Cuisine, and seafood spots.

El Gouna hosts Golf courses on a higher level to allow all the golf players to practice their favorite game during the vacation. There are two golf courses in El Gouna. Each golf course is an 18-hole playground. Both of them are well-equipped and ready for all levels of players, whether amateurs or professional players. If you are interested in learning the golf game, there is a decent golf academy.

There are also many playgrounds for practicing other sports, such as squash courts and gym halls.

Townhouse for sale in  ElGouna

Why is it a good idea to find a great townhouse for sale in El Gouna?

El Gouna is a great rising trend in the world of real estate. It is a great idea to buy a townhouse in El Gouna. The prices of real estate properties are constantly rising, and you will gain more money as an investment return.

You can also rent the property as a furnished apartment during holidays to earn extra income. You can also enjoy a family gathering and a holiday on your property and enjoy luxurious vacations.

How can Liza help you find a great townhouse for sale in El Gouna?

Liza is a great platform that allows you to find the best real estate investment opportunities in any place in Egypt. Liza is a Proptech start-up that uses information technology and marketing skills side to side for the best interest of its clients.

On Liza, you can find a wide range of properties as Townhouses for sale in El Gouna, villas, apartments, chalets, and more.

The properties of Liza are variable in many aspects. This is important to help you find the property you need. You will find different surface areas, number of rooms, views, locations, date of ending the project, level of finishing, and more.

Liza will help you stay within the limits of your budget. You will find different prices and payment plans. You can pay the value of the property on a number of years in installments with a minimal downpayment.

You can sort the available properties on Liza according to a number of different parameters. This will help you choose the best available option faster and easier.

When you find the desired property on Liza, you can get in touch with the real estate developer directly through Liza’s chat. Our chat offers a direct communication method between the buyers and the sellers without third parties or brokers. You will enjoy a fast service that makes your operations smooth and easy. 

You will not find random people calling you to offer your random real estate properties. There will be no more Whatsapp messages and emails that offer you unsuitable real estate properties.

Liza’s main concern for security and privacy was a motive to gain for the ISO 9001 and the ISO 27001 accreditations. These certifications ensure a high level of internet security and quality management systems. You can rest assured that your data security will be safe.

Liza can offer you great help for you to save time and money. You will save money because using Liza is free and will not charge you anything. If you use a broker, you will be charged a huge sum of money as the value is estimated based on the value of the property.

Liza’s services are not exclusive to finding a great townhouse for sale in El Gouna. Our services extend throughout the whole country. Visit our platform to find more information about investment opportunities in The New Capital, The New Alamein, and the 5th settlement.

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