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villa for sale in sahl hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh has taken a big part in the Egyptian and tourist vacation plans in the last few years. A recent rapid development has occurred in the city’s services and facilities.

Read this article to learn more about what makes Sahl Hasheesh a distinctive spot and how Liza can help you find the best villa for sale in Sahl Hasheesh.

The resorts in Sahl Hasheesh are luxurious and offer a great experience. The beaches in Sahl Hasheesh are amazing. Its beaches extend for 12 kilometers of clear blue water and yellow sands. All the necessary entertainment services will surround you.

What are the features and advantages of Sahl Hasheesh? 

  1. Sahl Hasheesh’s distinctive location.

Sahl Hasheesh lies 35 minutes from Hurghada International Airport. This makes the area easily accessible by national and international flights.

You may think that Sahl Hasheesh is remote and challenging to visit. You might be correct, but its location next to Hurghada has made it a fantastic spot for spending the winter holidays. In winter the weather is great and sunny.

Thanks to its location near Hurghada, many have tried visiting this resort once, but no one has regretted it at all.

Many tourists and Egyptians reach Sahl Hasheesh directly from the airport.

2.The design and planning of Sahl Hasheesh.

Thirty years ago, Sahl Hasheesh was a remote spot that no one wanted to visit much. The activities in Sahl Hasheesh were only some water sports and fishing activities.

In 1996, the construction started to change the face of Sahl Hasheesh. In a few years, the city switched to one of Egypt’s most important tourist spots.

The government has invested more than 150 million pounds in building a suitable infrastructure and being ready for world-class resorts. It is now one of the best spots in Egypt to spend a vacation.

The infrastructure developments included building roads, electricity networks, sewage treatment plants, and internet cables.

villa for sale in sahl hasheesh

What is the average price per square meter for villas for sale in Sahl Hasheesh?

The prices of properties for sale in Sahl Hasheesh are variable. Since there is an increasing demand for properties in Sahl Hasheesh, the prices are constantly increasing. The price per square meter has reached 19,450 EGP.

The administration of Sahl Hasheesh sets strict rules concerning the heights of the buildings to be low and the beaches to stay public.

We think that buying a villa in Sahl Hasheesh is an excellent idea for many reasons. The value of the properties in the area is constantly increasing. This means you are going to get significant investment gains over time. The resort is also a beautiful spot to spend time and vacations. You will spend a lot of time near the sea when you own a property.

You can gain extra income from renting the property in holidays.

How can Liza help you find the best villa for sale in Sahl Hasheesh? 

Liza is an Egyptian start-up and a Proptech platform that aims to connect its clients with property owners and real estate developers.

We offer a variable set of properties that makes choosing easier. You will find the best suitable opportunity for Liza.

You can find different real estate properties as villas, apartments, studios, townhouses, chalets, and more. 

The properties are liza are different in many aspects. These include the number of rooms, the surface area, location, distance from the beach, level of finishing, date of ending the project, type compound, level of surrounding services, payment plans, and installment options.

Liza’s options are suitable for all types of budgets. You will find the villa for sale in Sahl Hasheesh that you want at the right price. You can pay the property’s worth in installments for a variable number of years up to 10 years with a minimal down payment.

You can sort all the available properties according to a number of priorities. This can help you find the best option for your easier.

When you find a villa for sale in Sahl Hasheesh that you like, you can contact the owner of the property directly through Liza’s chat. Our chat is an encrypted service where you can communicate freely with any real estate developer. Liza aims to protect your privacy. Liza will not share your contact information publicly ever. While using Liza, there will be no more bothering calls or WhatsApp messages that appear unexpectedly.

Liza will do a great job of helping you save your money, time, and effort. If you want to buy a property through Liza, we will not charge you anything. Our services will be free for you. You will save money instead of paying for the brokers. The broker’s fee is usually a large amount of money. This is because it is calculated according to the value of the property. Liza will help you to save your money and gain more profits investing.

Liza will also save your time as you will not need to search through other platforms or websites. Our marketing methods are more advanced, and we can save you a lot of time searching. Using the traditional methods as real estate agents and brokers is also time-consuming and depend on individuals’ marketing skills.

If you are a real estate developer or a property owner, Liza can help you market your project. You will pay a fixed subscription fee for your advertisement on LIza. The cost you pay is not dependant on the value of the property. Our fee-only changes according to the duration of your advertising on our platform.

Liza’s primary concern is to maintain the privacy of its owners and improve the efficiency of the process. That’s why Liza has gained the ISO 9001 and the ISO 27001. These certifications ensure high-quality management and online data security control.

Liza’s services are not only concerned with real estate in Sahl Hasheesh. Our services extend throughout the whole of Egypt. Visit our blog and find more about real estate opportunities in The New Capital, The New Alamein, and Sokhna.

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