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villa for sale in el gouna

No one denies that El Gouna is one of Egypt’s most luxurious resorts and tourist destinations. 

It attracts many celebrities and community stars and annually hosts many events, the most famous of which are the El Gouna Film Festival, the Open Squash Championship, and many conferences and various events, so many people are looking for a villa for sale in El Gouna on Liza.

What are the best real estate projects in El Gouna?

  1. West Golf El Gouna.


West Golf Resort is located 28 kilometers from Giftun Island, one of the most famous and most prominent islands in El Gouna, and 25 kilometers from New Marina.

Services in West Golf El Gouna.

It is characterized by large green spaces, swimming pools, a private beach, a golf course, Wi-Fi service covering most of the resort areas, and transfer service to and from the airport.

West Golf El Gouna Prices.

The average price of the villa for sale in El Gouna in West Golf is 1,200,000 pounds, and the average cost of apartments for rent in West Golf is 1,400 pounds.

2.Jubal El Gouna.


This tourist village is located between Abu Tig Marina and “New Marina” in El Gouna.

3.Scarab El Gouna


The resort is located 27 km from the New Marina.

Features of Scarab El Gouna

It has a private beach equipped for many marine sports.

There are large green spaces, a gym to play many groups and individual games, a “spa,” and hotel services such as cleaning can reach anywhere in the resort.

Prices in Scarab El Gouna

The average price of apartments for sale there is 1.5 million pounds, and apartments for rent are around 1,400 pounds.

4.New Marina El Gouna.


The project is located 29 kilometers from Giftun Island and 34 kilometers from the Aquarium.

Features of New Marina El Gouna

It has many recreational services, green spaces, an open beach, private parking, and a yacht marina.

In addition to a large number of restaurants and cafes, it provides transportation services to and from the airport.

Prices in New Marina El Gouna

The prices of a villa for sale in El Gouna in New Marina start from two million pounds, while the average cost of chalets for rent there is 1800 pounds.

5.Sabina Apartments El Gouna


The resort is located in the heart of El Gouna, 28 km from Giftun Island and 27 km from Hurghada International Airport.

Features of Sabina Apartments El Gouna.

It includes many services and green spaces, private cycling paths, a private beach, swimming pools, Wi-Fi, in addition to dedicated parking, a bar, and a spa.

Prices of Sabina Apartments El Gouna.

The price of a villa for sale in El Gouna in Sabina is in the range of one million and 800 thousand pounds, and the average cost of chalets for rent there is 4000 pounds.

villa for sale in el gouna

The city of El Gouna is located within the Red Sea Governorate, and all its neighborhoods overlook the sea. It includes a group of small islands, only 25 kilometers separate from Hurghada.

Through Hurghada Ismailia, Gouna is 20 kilometers from Hurghada Airport and 420 kilometers from New Ain Sukhna Road, approximately 5 hours by car.

Although it has emerged as an attractive tourist destination in the last five years, its age is much earlier than that and exceeds 25 years.

When Orascom Hotels and Development started planning to establish the city, it would be a huge tourist city with neighborhoods, large resorts, and seasonal and permanent activities.

What are the available facilities and services in El Gouna?

It has green spaces everywhere, and it has a large group of swimming pools, and it includes 17 hotels of various hotel levels.

There is also a private shopping mall, a vast commercial area, a water sports complex, three world-class marinas, two golf courses, and a “cable park.”

It also includes world-class schools, equipped private hospitals, and a library belonging to the Library of Alexandria.

Prices of villas in El Gouna: the average cost of chalets for sale there is 1.5 million pounds, and the average price of chalets for rent is 2,300 pounds.

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