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6th of October City Amenities, Looking to invest in properties in 6th of October, Liza has many options for rent and sale available on our platform in the real estate market in Giza Goevrnorate.  6th of October City Amenities |About 6th of October City  6th of October City Amenities The 6th of October City is one of Egypt’s most sought-after spots for real estate investments in 2022, in...

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New 6th of October City: Features and Facilities

Features of 6th of October City 6th of October City is one of the newer cities of Greater Cairo, and is located in Giza Governorate on the Al-Wahat Road, about 38 km from the city of Cairo. It is characterized by its low population density and also lower air temperature than Cairo, due to its higher height above sea level. The city also provides a large variety of public services and facilities that...

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What are the best neighborhoods in the City of 6th of October ? Whether for housing or investment, if you are thinking of buying a property in 6th of October but don’t know where to start and want to know more about neighborhoods that distinguish each area within the City. The Distinguished Neighborhood: It is one of the most prestigious and distinguished neighborhoods in the 6th of October...

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Although the goal behind the establishment of the Sixth of October City was to reduce the population density and the pressure on the Egyptian capital, it later became a destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a distinguished social life, with easy payment systems standards for young people, especially those who are about to get married. 6th October City Features Sixth of October City is...

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The 6th of October is a city built mainly as the western extension for Cairo and Giza. The 6th of October combines the relaxation of luxurious compounds and the vitality of the urban areas of Cairo. Liza will guide you through the most important real estate properties in the 6th of October to show you how buying an apartment in this city is a good investment. What are the most famous hotels in the...

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