6th of October City Amenities, Explore with Liza

6th of October City Amenities, Looking to invest in properties in 6th of October, Liza has many options for rent and sale available on our platform in the real estate market in Giza Goevrnorate. 

6th of October City Amenities |About 6th of October City 

6th of October City Amenities
6th of October City Amenities

The 6th of October City is one of Egypt’s most sought-after spots for real estate investments in 2022, in addition to being a great residential area, properties in 6th of October are continuously increasing in value over the years. Whether you are looking to invest to gain return on their investment through resale or even buy renting out the property short term or long term for consistent extra income. The city’s potential is massive. 6th of October City is home to many universities, malls, hotels, luxurious compounds, governmental housing projects, and all other services and resources that make a city complete and self-sufficient. 

 About 6th Of October City, It’s Important Attractions and Facilities. 

6th of October City Amenities
6th of October City Amenities

The 6th of October City was built originally as a part of the Egyptian capital on the west side of the river Nile. Back in the 2000s, the city was created to offer congestion relief for the overpopulated areas of Cairo; built and planned on an excellent standard with wide avenues; many recreational areas, and luxurious compounds perfect for those looking to escape overpopulation in Cairo while remaining in the city. 

The 6th of October offers a great mix between the civil organization of urban areas and the availability of all kinds of services within a few minutes from your residence. 

All services are available in the 6th of October city such as schools, supermarkets, health care, public transportation and much more, making it the ideal place to live.

Large gated communities are also perfect to start a family and raise kids in community that is safe; full of open spaces for them to play and enjoy the outdoors; in addition; the fact that it is 170 meters above sea level makes the weather during summer much milder and less polluted  

El Hosary Square is one of the most important centers in the city; it hosts The Hosary Mosque and a large surrounding area of shops and restaurants, public transportation to the area is abundant and easy. The city is also host to a large number of foreigners, some own businesses in the city such as fast-food restaurants, and others live in 6th of October city for studying in the universities. 

Liza and real estate investment in 6th of October City 

6th of October City Amenities
6th of October City Amenities

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