Apartments in 6th of October City with Liza

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Apartments in 6th of October City |The 6th Of October City 

Apartments in 6th of October City
Apartments in 6th of October City

6th October is the west side extension of the old downtown Cairo, the city was built in efforts to relieve the capital’s congestion and busy streets. October is an extension to the Giza side, mainly to the west of the river Nile bank. The city is known for its beautiful landscapes, abundant green areas, wide organized streets with dozens of luxurious compounds with the highest standards of residential experience. 

About Apartments in 6th of October City 

Apartments in 6th of October City
Apartments in 6th of October City

6th of October is only 30 kilometers from central Cairo, it is surrounded by many different roads, including the Ring Road, the Mehwar Road, and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road making it easily accessible from different areas.

Its proximity to central Cairo; and relative distance from the overpopulation of the center make it the ideal place for those seeking a lifestyle away from the hustle; and bustle but still close enough.   

Many Egyptians have moved their lives or started new families in 6th of October, the city has all the necessary services, including clinics, hospitals, malls; universities; governmental services, mosques, churches, and more. 

The weather is also great in 6th of October, thanks to the vast greenery. The air is always fresh and much cleaner than the city center and less polluted; it is also in a high position above sea level by more than 160 meters; which makes the weather cooler. 

Real estate projects to think about in October. 

  • Seventh Avenue is one of the distinguished neighborhoods in 6th of October City. Many Arab expatriates and students choose to live here due to its proximity to 6th of October University. 
  • O-west by Orascom Developments: O-west enjoys a central location in the city; a few minutes from all services, Mall of Egypt is a 3-minute drive, Juhayna Square is 5 minutes away, and the Ring Road is only 7 minutes away. 

What are the most popular residential areas in the city?

Apartments in 6th of October City
Apartments in 6th of October City

-Al Hosary Square: 

In the heart of 6th of October, the square is known for the magnificent Hosary Mosque in its middle, it is the commercial center of the city with lots of shops, restaurants, cafes, and more. 

Many foreigners live in this area either for business purposes or for studying. 

-Bashayer District: 

Bashayer district is also in the middle of the city, any important facility can be reached from there in no time. 

-Eighth District: 

This district is a well-organized district with the highest standards of living in Egypt, its location is also great as it is accessible from all the major spots in the city.  

Liza and Real Estate Investment in 6th of October City 

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