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Sheikh Zayed is a modern Egyptian city that was established in 1995. Located in Giza, Sheikh Zayed is considered to be an extension of Greater Cairo, with a more spacious and suburban atmosphere.

It was established by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development to enrich and develop Giza, through a grant made by Sheikh Zayed of UAE. Read this article to learn more about Liza and how we can help you find the best duplex for sale in Sheikh Zayed. 

Sheik Zayed City location

Sheik Zayed City is about 20 km from Lebanon Square in the Mohandessin district and 28 km from Tahrir Square in central Cairo. It is bordered by the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and the extension of the 26th of July axis; and the 6th of October City. The city rises from sea level about 220 meters; and covers an area of ​​about 9500 acres.

The population of Sheik Zayed City is now about 150 thousand people, and it is expected that its population will reach 500 thousand people when its growth is complete.

Sheikh Zayed
Sheikh Zayed

Sheik Zayed City Landmarks

  • Al Jazeera Plaza Mall.
  • Arkan Plaza.
  • Mazar Mall.
  • Al-Rashid Mosque.
  • Bilal bin Rabah Mosque.
  • The congregational mosque.
  • The Islamic Complex Mosque.
  • British International School.
  • Canadian International College.
  • Nile University.
  • American International School.
  • The model school.
  • Japanese school.
  • Church of Our Lady and Anba Samuel.

Neighborhoods of Sheik Zayed City, Egypt

The city is divided into approximately 20 neighborhoods, and each of them has its own distinctive services. We will mention to you the best neighborhoods in Sheik Zayed:

Ninth District:

One of the city’s newest neighborhoods, it has a limited number of building floors, where construction may be limited to only 3 floors.

It has many high-end villas and palaces, which makes it a destination for many who want a social level that suits them. It is also one of the best places to live in Sheik Zayed due to the good housing level and reasonable prices.

Eighth district :

This neighborhood is characterized by the abundance of villas that vary in their style and designs in a way that dazzles the onlookers; and this neighborhood is characterized by extreme calm, sophistication and a high standard of living.

The 14th District: 

which includes the most prestigious compounds in the west of the new Sheikh Zayed City. and it is one of the best neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed.

Green Revolution District:

The percentage of urban areas decreases and the percentage of green areas increases, because it is considered one of the agricultural division areas, with many luxurious palaces and luxury villas. and it is one of the areas that is classified as one of the best areas of Sheik Zayed.

Sheikh Zayed
Sheikh Zayed

Services in Sheikh Zayed City

Among the most important and prominent services available in Madinat Zayed are as follows:

Many mosques such as Al-Rahma Mosque, Al-Jam Mosque, Bilal Ibn Rabah, Al-Noor, Al-Rahma, and others.

There are many commercial malls such as Downtown Mall, Arkan Mall, and others.

Some educational institutions such as Beverly Hills School. Orman College Schools, Sheikh Zayed Experimental Schools, Nile Kangaroo Language School, and others.

It has health services such as Al-Zohour Hospital; as well as many sports clubs such as Al-Ahly Club. It also includes a large number of cafes, shops, and entertainment venues.

Sheikh Zayed
Sheikh Zayed

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