New 6th of October City: Features and Facilities

6th of October City residential

Features of 6th of October City

6th of October City is one of the newer cities of Greater Cairo, and is located in Giza Governorate on the Al-Wahat Road, about 38 km from the city of Cairo. It is characterized by its low population density and also lower air temperature than Cairo, due to its higher height above sea level. The city also provides a large variety of public services and facilities that the population needs, such as hospitals, parks, and universities. Additionally, it has a large number of high-income and middle-income institutes, amounting to more than thirty institutes. It also has a number of major commercial centers and a variety of entertainment facilities, and it has its own international airport that is about to open up its doors.

What is the New 6th of October City?

The city is located southwest of 6th of October City and near 6th of October Airport.

It is characterized by its vast area and the diversity of the land level as well as the projects offered therein, which are divided into 3 levels as follows:

Social housing: It aims to provide units consisting of two rooms and a living room, or three rooms and a living room, that are sold fully finished. These units are provided to the beneficiary at the construction cost price only. For everyone looking for affordable apartments for sale in 6th of October City.

The price of the land, utilities or services are not charged to it. Services are provided to the units to make life dignified and integrated. The services and facilities include commercial markets, nurseries, schools, health units, playgrounds and green areas.

Distinguished housing: such as October Gardens, behind the city of Paradise, south of Dahshur South Road, next to the railway.

Most distinguished housing: such as the eastern and northern expansions. As well as the area between the second and third tourist villages next to the Egyptian Shooting Club. In addition to the distinguished neighborhood next to the Football Association. This high-standard housing also includes the following districts: 

The second district – the third district – the fourth district – the fifth district – the seventh district – the eighth district – the distinguished district.

What are the requirements needed to acquire real estate in the New 6th of October City project?

  1. You must be an Egyptian national.
  2. The age of the applicant shall not be less than 21 years.
  3. The applicant must not have previously acquired a plot of land in the social project.
  4. It is possible for one family to obtain a maximum of two plots.

Features of 6th of October City

6th of October City residential

Many apartments are available for sale at reasonable prices for many newly married young people and Egyptian families.

The price per square meter in some units, in the year 2019, has reached 3900 pounds, which is considered to be a reasonable price with regards to units in this region.

The types of units and properties available in October Gardens vary between: apartments, villas, shops, and land.

Greenery is abundant in projects and residential neighborhoods, making this one of the healthiest areas to live in, in order to reduce exposure to air pollution.

It includes many self-sufficient residential compounds, which makes it more independent and private than other areas such as:

Bidaya October – Gardens Compound – October Gardens Treasure Compound – Utopia October Gardens Compound – Spanish Quarter Compound – Italian Quarter Compound. 

All of these compounds provide many lands and plots for sale at all of these different projects. Sizes of the units vary , such as: 400 m, 450 m, 500 m.

6th of October City combines the vibrance of downtown Cairo and the tranquility of Europe, all in one place.

It has a good division of neighborhoods and residential communities, as well as the presence of wide streets and green spaces between the residential buildings.

6th of October City residential

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