Madinaty Villas and Residential Complexes, Discover Now With Liza

Madinaty apartments and villas

Where is Madinaty located, and what are the advantages of living there?

Madinaty apartments and villas

Madinaty is a very famous city that was established by the Talaat Moustafa Group. the developers really focused on creating a town with the availability of all services and facilities in an integrated manner. Madinaty is high-demanded by many, because it has excellent structural planning and an excellent reputation among the newly established cities. We will talk about where Madinaty is located and what are its advantages and disadvantages, the price per square meter, and the prices of apartments and villas there.

Where is Madinaty located?

Madinaty is located in the east of Cairo Governorate. You can reach it through the Ring Road and the Suez Road. Both can connect multiple areas such as Mokattam, Heliopolis and Maadi without entering the traffic congestion in Cairo Governorate.

It is about twenty minutes away from a group of neighborhoods in Egypt, such as Nasr City and Heliopolis.

Madinaty is located in New Cairo and is very close to many areas, such as the El Qronfol neighborhood and the Yasmine neighborhood in the First Settlement.

It is relatively close to some other areas in the Fifth Settlement as well as the Police Academy.

Features and prices of Madinaty villas

Residential units or apartments in Madinaty are distinguished by their excellent ventilation, which gives a chance for better health.

Every building has more than one corner in Madinaty and overlooks the various green spaces.

As for privacy in Madinaty, the developers have really respected the residents privacy and serenity, by creating rules that ban commercial activities in any of the residential complexes.

Additionally, there are a number of parking spaces in front of all residential units.

Green Spaces in Madinaty

The recreational and commercial facilities are distinguished by their large areas that suit all categories and are suitable for times of high densities.

Also worth noting is that they follow a policy in which pedestrian traffic is separated from vehicle traffic.

This is to secure pedestrians and their freedom of movement at the facilities.

The city is characterized by the presence of vast green spaces that are comfortable for the eye and very elegant. The green spaces are all connected to each other, forming a streamlined aesthetic form with an exceptional luster that is truly appealing.

Advantages of living in Madinaty

Madinaty apartments and villas

As for Madinaty villas, they are in areas that are all green and very spacious, such as areas designated for golf, and in the middle are some artificial lakes.

This gives these villas huge advantages, and there is no doubt that the spaces of the villas vary based on your needs.

To suit all needs from the spaces of the buildings that start from two hundred and sixty square meters to six hundred and sixty square meters.

With regards to the villas, the total area starts from three hundred and thirty square meters to one thousand five hundred and fifty square meters, with different sizes for gardens, according to what the client needs.

Malls in Madinaty

Designed with the highest style and latest trends; To meet all the requirements of international standards.

It provides both global and local products.

This is in addition to the various means of entertainment, such as arcades, clothing stores, sports clubs and much more.

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