6th of October apartments for sale, Liza try to help

6th of october apartments for sale

The 6th of October is a city built mainly as the western extension for Cairo and Giza. The 6th of October combines the relaxation of luxurious compounds and the vitality of the urban areas of Cairo.

Liza will guide you through the most important real estate properties in the 6th of October to show you how buying an apartment in this city is a good investment.

What are the most famous hotels in the 6th of October City?

Given the investment potential of Sixth of October City, the presence of hotels has become inevitable, as they are undoubtedly a source of great investment income for the state, so many hotels provide high-quality services in line with the nature of the vital area, such as:

● Hilton Pyramids Resort El Wahat Road.

● Movenpick Hotel and casino premium neighborhood.

● Novotel Hotel, along the 26th of July Corridor.

● Helnan Dreamland Hotel, Al Waha Street.

● Swiss Pyramids Resort & Swiss Plaza El Wahat Road.

What are the best places for shopping on the 6th of October City?

If you love shopping, you will find what you are looking for in the 6th of October City, because it contains many commercial centers with international and local backgrounds, in addition to the presence of the most luxurious international brands, amenities, and entertainment, which makes the shopping experience a unique and unique experience. Examples of famous shopping centers located within Sixth of October City:

1. Mall of Egypt.

2. Porto October Mall.

3. City Stars Sixth of October.

4. Cairo Gate.

5. Arab mall.

6. Carrefour.

7. Cityscape Mall.

8. Diamond Mall.

9. Hyper One.

The main residential areas in the 6th of October City.

Bashayer District:

Bashayer district is distinguished by its prominent location, as it is very close to service centers such as banks and places of worship.

Al Motamayez District:

Despite being one of the oldest neighborhoods, it still retains its splendor in sophistication and tranquility.

Tourist area:

It is considered one of the best areas in Sixth of October City, and it is also one of the largest urban areas.

Eighth district:

The eighth district is distinguished by its strategic location, in addition to its sophistication and tranquility. The eighth district is also famous for having all the facilities and services to provide a comfortable life for all residents and residents of neighboring neighborhoods.

Liza and the real estate opportunities in the 6th of October City.

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