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Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City, that high-end city, is one of the best modern cities that attract tourists and capitalists wishing to invest in real estate due to the fertility of the real estate field in it. The city is characterized by a privileged location and a beautiful nature that attracts a good segment of those wishing to settle in a prestigious city. It also provides many job opportunities because it owns many projects on which real estate companies are based and contains industrial areas.

Sheikh Zayed City is a perfect opportunity for real estate investment. Read this article to learn more about the city and the role of Liza in finding the best investment opportunities.

What are the most essential features and attractions in Sheikh Zayed City?

Given the area on which Sheikh Zayed City was built, it is supposed to accommodate about 500,000 residents when the city is completed.

The city has a pure atmosphere due to the green spaces that occupy a large area of ​​it, and it also provides its residents with all the services they need.

Availability and diversity of transportation to be able to get to and from the city easily.

Diversity of neighborhoods and the prices of living and housing units. The architecture in Sheikh Zayed City is distinguished by sophistication, drawing inspiration from the ancient style and merging it with a modern, contemporary style.

What are the most important high-end neighborhoods in the new Sheikh Zayed City? 

The Green Revolution area: It is one of the areas of agricultural division, so we note the low percentage of architecture in it.

The area is close to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and the Rod al-Farag axis.

It has many luxurious palaces and luxury villas, and it is one of the areas that is classified as one of the best areas of Sheikh Zayed.

The average price per square meter in Sheikh Zayed City for apartments in the area reaches 10,900 pounds, and the average price per square meter for villas is estimated at 11,350 pounds.

Fourth District: It has many different residential units such as apartments and villas, and it has the most exemplary compounds.

The neighborhood includes various essential and recreational services.

It is one of the most expensive and prestigious neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City, where the average price per square meter reaches 14,000 pounds.

Eighth Neighborhood: This neighborhood is famous for its calm, sophistication, and high standard of living. It has many villas and palaces.

The average price per square meter for apartments in the neighborhood reaches 8000 pounds, and the average price per square meter for villas reaches 14,250 pounds.

The Ninth Neighborhood: It is one of the newly developed neighborhoods in the city and is characterized by a limited number of building floors, as the building may be limited to 3 floors only.

It has a lot of high-end villas and palaces, which made it a destination for many who want a social level that suits them.

It is also one of the best places to live in Sheikh Zayed due to the good housing standard and reasonable prices.

The average price per square meter in Sheikh Zayed City apartments in the Ninth District reaches 6,500 pounds, while the average price per square meter for villas is estimated at 10,300 pounds.

The 14th District: There are the most prestigious compounds in the neighborhood, and it is located in the west of the new Sheikh Zayed City, and it is one of the best neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed.

The average price per square meter for apartments in the neighborhood is about 10,000 pounds, while the average price per square meter for villas is about 14,250 pounds.

The most famous compounds in Sheikh Zayed include the following examples: 

Sheikh Zayed City, Beverly Hills: It is the most famous compound in the city, which was introduced by SODIC.

You can reach it from Dahshur Road or the 26th of July Corridor, as it is located directly on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

It also has gyms that are designed in a modern way. It contains green areas, sports fields, and swimming pools. It has basic services such as international schools and medical services.

Beverly Hills Compound is one of the best places in Sheikh Zayed City to live at all, as it is a separate and independent residential community that provides all the factors of calm, comfort, and luxury in living.

How Can Liza help you find the best real estate opportunities in Sheikh Zayed City?

Liza is a real estate platform that connects all the opportunities with potential buyers. Liza is an Egyptian start-up that cares for its clients’ security and privacy. 

Liza will offer you multiple types of properties for sale and rent in Sheikh Zayed City. You will find apartments, villas, studios, twin-houses, townhouses, and more.

The properties available on Liza are variable in many aspects, such as the number of rooms, location of the property, surface area, level of finishing, date of ending the project, type of surrounding compounds, price, payment plans, and installment systems.

Liza will help you save money and stay within your budget. You will find a wide variety of prices. You can pay the value of the property on a number of years in installments and with a minimal down payment.

Using Liza, you will save money and time. This is because Liza is completely free. However, using a broker will cost you a lot of money. The broker’s fee is calculated according to the price of the property. You will also save time as you will not need to browse other platforms or websites thanks to the wide variety of properties. We use information technology to connect you with the opportunities that you need faster and easier.

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