Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds

Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds

Features of Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the new Egyptian cities that was named after Sheikh Zayed. It is considered one of the second generation cities, as it was established in 1995 AD, and its establishment was funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development with a grant from Sheikh Zayed. The area of ​​the city is 10,386 thousand acres, the green spaces are approximately 40% of the area, and the city is divided into twenty neighborhoods, each neighborhood divided into four neighborhoods, and its population is approximately 233,000 people. In addition to the city’s enjoyment of various services at a high level at reasonable prices for many groups, as it is divided into medium and above-average neighborhoods, and it has a distinctive investment interface and a good return.

In this article, keep reading to explore the beautiful city of Sheikh Zayed. Liza will help you find great  apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds.

Features of Sheikh Zayed City

Its location is privileged, it is designed with wonderful architecture and a breathtaking view. It contains many economic levels and prices that suit everyone, and there are many apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed compounds.

It is one of the finest areas as it is characterized by calm and spacious areas. There are many services available on a permanent basis and suit several categories.

 apartments for sale in sheikh zayed compounds

Where is Sheikh Zayed City located?

Sheikh Zayed City is located in a privileged location among many neighborhoods that we mention in the following lines:

It is an extension to the 26th of July axis. It is bordered by the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

It is located near the 6th of October City. The distance between it and both of Lebanon Square in Mohandessin is about 20 km, and between it and Tahrir Square in the heart of the capital is about 28 km.

It is worth mentioning that Sheikh Zayed City is characterized by an altitude of approximately 220 meters above sea level, which has an impact on the moderation of the city’s temperature during all seasons of the year.

Sheikh Zayed City neighborhoods

We will mention the neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed City in the following lines, and we will mention all the neighborhoods of Sheikh Zayed in which there are apartments for sale in sheikh Zayed compounds

First Neighborhood: It is one of the distinguished neighborhoods as it is located at the entrance to the city and has Hyper One in addition to the City Development Authority.

The second neighborhood: It is considered one of the middle neighborhoods that are suitable for young people.

The third district: Is one of the economic districts.

Fourth Neighborhood: It is considered among the high-end neighborhoods in the city and contains all the different residential units of apartments, villas, and houses, and it has Zayed 2000 Compound, which is one of the most prestigious compounds in the city.

Fifth District: It contains many facilities and services, youth buildings, Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, in addition to the Al-Azhar Institutes complex.

Seventh Neighborhood: It contains the buildings of the small investor, and there are apartments for sale in sheikh Zayed compounds, for everyone looking for apartments for sale.

Eighth Neighborhood: It is one of the high-end neighborhoods that contains palaces and villas. It is a quiet neighborhood and is characterized by a high standard of living.

The Ninth Neighborhood: It is one of the best neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City. It also includes a number of residential buildings and villas, and it also includes many economic levels.

The Tenth Neighborhood: It is one of the middle neighborhoods and has the civil registry and the Sheikh Zayed Youth Center.

Eleventh District: One of the economic districts that contain many services and entertainment facilities.

The 14th District: It is organized in the list of the most prestigious compounds in the city.

Sheikh Zayed City Transportation

There are many means of transportation to all neighborhoods of Cairo, as the city contains the main station for the public transportation system that serves many different groups in addition to a different network of transportation.

 apartments for sale in sheikh zayed compounds

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