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Apartments In Zamalek For Sale, Find the best apartment for sale or rent in the luxurious neighborhood of Zamalek. Enjoy the city’s greatest services and amenities such as Al Gezira Sporting Club, The Opera house, El Sawy Culture Wheel and much more.

Features of Zamalek Neighborhood in Cairo.

Apartments In Zamalek For Sale
Apartments In Zamalek For Sale

The Zamalek neighborhood is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the west of Cairo and is located on an island in the middle of the Nile. The name Zamalek stems from the “Zamalek flower” that used to grow in abundance in this area, and also the term Zamalek is of Turkish origin and means wooden huts or nests in the Egyptian dialect, As Zamalek was just a mud island located in the Nile River that represented a starting point for fishermen. Not long after that, it became one of Cairo’s most luxurious and prestigious neighborhoods. Read this article to find how Liza can help you find the best Zamalek apartments for sale.

Apartments In Zamalek For Sale |Zamalek Neighborhood In Cairo

A number of embassies are concentrated in the Zamalek area, such as the embassies of Ethiopia, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Colombia, Tunisia, and Lebanon.

It is also home to three famous colleges from The faculties of Helwan University, which are the College of Art Education, the College of Music Education, and the College of Fine Arts. 

Many private and international NGOs are based in the Zamalek area, and there is Abdel Moneim El-Sawy Culture Wheel, which is famous for its cultural and art events.

Abu El Feda Street overlooks the Nile and the two huge Orascom Nile Towers is its most famous street. 

Zamalek stood as the connecting point between Agouza and Imbaba.

Apartments In Zamalek For Sale |Zamalek District

Apartments In Zamalek For Sale
Apartments In Zamalek For Sale

Zamalek has been famous since the first quarter of the twentieth century as one of the finest and quietest neighborhoods in Cairo and a residence for the city’s wealthy. At peak times, parking in Zamalek could be hard to find at times. The Zamalek neighborhood is located in a strategic location in the middle of the Governorates of Cairo and Giza, so it is usually easily accessible through several bridges, The most famous and most important of which is the 6th of October Bridge, the 15th of May Bridge. Zamalek’s most prominent landmarks include the Cairo Tower, Al-Jazira Club, Al-Ahly Club, the Opera House, and El-Sawy Culture Wheel, Al Jazeera Youth Center.

The price per square meter for apartments in Zamalek reaches 11,700 EGP, and the level of demand for apartments has recently increased by 100%, and prices have decreased during the last 12 months by 17.63%. Zamalek was revived after the establishment of Al-Andalus Park and Al-Ahly Club. King Farouk set up a break in it at the southern tip of the island, which became the headquarters of the Revolutionary Command Council, and it is now known as the Cairo Tower. 

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Apartments In Zamalek For Sale
Apartments In Zamalek For Sale

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