Life In Maadi Compounds, Find Out With Liza

Maadi Compounds
Maadi Compounds

Maadi Compounds, Explore exciting real estate options at Maadi compounds. Get to know Maadi’s best districts and the services that are available. Liza can help you find residential or commercial real estate opportunities at a click of a button. 

Maadi neighborhood is characterized by a very special strategic location, which added an additional reason for the residents to flock to it and choose to live in it. The total area of the neighborhood is estimated at 253,780 square kilometers. Liza will help you find the best apartments in compounds within Maadi.

It is worth mentioning that Maadi belongs to Helwan Governorate and is characterized by hot weather in the summer and warm and rainy in the Winter season; Maadi district is divided into several sub-districts that differ in some details such as the social level and architecture style.

Other areas are characterized by the classic antique style, low-rise buildings, distinctive private villas, and the green patches and trees, which gives it a distinctive character. The average price per square meter is estimated at 5,850 EGP.

New Maadi

Maadi Compounds
Maadi Compounds

New Maadi starts from Lasilki Square. The New Maadi highway represents a natural extension of the old Maadi area. It has a distinctive location that links several neighboring areas, including the Saqr Quraish area, Al-Basateen, and the Kuwaiti Company residences.

The presence of Carrefour Maadi in this area was not a big reason to raise the price per square meter, as the average price per square meter is estimated at 6,100 EGP. Zahraa El Maadi is one of the newest areas of the Maadi neighborhood, characterized by social diversity where there are medium and above-average housing units, with distinctive areas that offer high-end housing units at economical and suitable prices. Zahraa El Maadi is famous for the presence of headquarters of various petroleum companies and the Wadi Degla Reserve. The average price per square meter for residential units in Zahraa El Maadi is about 6,300 EGP.

Liza And Compounds In Maadi.

Maadi Compounds
Maadi Compounds

If you are looking for real estate investment in Maadi, then Liza will certainly help you out. Compounds in Maadi are diverse and offer different opportunities, whether for residence or investment. Liza will show you a diverse group of properties. You can find villas, apartments, and studios for sale and rent on Liza. You can also sort the available options according to different parameters such as the surface area, location, number of rooms, level of the compound services, different payment plans and installment systems according to the compound in Maadi.

When you find a suitable apartment in any compound in Maadi, you can contact the owner directly through Liza’s chat. At Liza, we will not share your contact information publicly. You will not find random brokers calling you after getting your contact information from our platform.

Our services at Liza are free if you want to rent or buy an apartment. If you want to advertise your property on Liza, we will charge you a fixed subscription fee.

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