The Infamous Maadi in Cairo, Find Out More With Liza

Maadi Greater Cairo

What Are The Advantages Of Living In Maadi Cairo?

It is one of the oldest areas in Egypt, which is located in the South of Cairo. It is considered one of the most self-sufficient and integrated neighborhoods, as there are many services that include hospitals, companies, malls, restaurants, international schools as well as foreign embassies. Read this article to learn more about life in Maadi and why you would like to live there. You will also learn how Liza can help you find the best properties for sale or rent in Maadi.

Accommodation Details in Maadi Cairo

Maadi Greater Cairo

For anyone looking for apartments for rent in Maadi, you must first know what residential neighborhoods are in Maadi and the details that pertain to each neighborhood alike.

As for the details of each of the areas inside Maadi, they are as follows.

New Maadi District: It is one of the distinctive residential areas in Maadi Cairo, which starts from the Lasilki Square area to Autostrad Street.

This area also includes many other streets, including the Kuwaiti Company housing and Saqr Quraish area, and the housing levels in the area are different and varied to suit everyone.

It also has above-average private housing, as the area caters to both foreigners and Egyptians.

In addition to that, transportation is readily available due to its distinctive location that connects all areas of Maadi.

Old Maadi: It is an elegant and antique area in Maadi, which has preserved its antique style to this day.

What distinguishes it is the luxurious housing, which varies between high-end buildings and villas, and has many plants and trees.

This gives it a special atmosphere, as many foreign communities reside in that area, including those working in foreign embassies in addition to international companies.

Zahraa El Maadi area: It is one of the new areas in Maadi Cairo, and it is a very diverse area, where many housing types are available between above average and medium.

In addition to that, some areas provide economical housing, and there are some residential buildings that belong to petroleum companies.

Among the most important landmarks in the area is the Wadi Degla Reserve Protectorate.

Prices Per Square Meter Of Residential Units In Maadi

Maadi Greater Cairo

For anyone looking for apartments for rent in Maadi, you have to do is know the price per square meter in the residential units in the various areas in Maadi, and then determine the area in which you would like to live through knowing the features that are located in it and that suit your needs and capabilities.

It should be noted that the luxury residential areas in the Maadi area have a relatively high price per square meter, compared to the middle and popular areas as well.

It is noteworthy that prices in Maadi during the last period have exceeded the normal average by 19% for apartments, while the percentage of demand for housing units in Maadi in various residential units of apartments and villas came by 100%.

Given the average price per square meter in the Maadi neighborhood, it varies and varies with the area in which you want to live. The average price per square meter for apartments reaches 6,650 pounds, while the price in villas is about 17,000 pounds.

In view of the great difference in the social level between the areas of Maadi, especially the high-end areas, it is possible that the price per square meter in it reaches 12 thousand pounds.

Among them is the Sarayat El Maadi area, which is the area known as the Heart of Maadi and has many advantages and luxurious villas and apartment buildings as well as many different green areas.

In addition to the foreign embassies and the general assessment of the quality of the Maadi area, the whole area got 9.2 out of 10 according to many housing statistics.

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