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El Gouna Sale and rent

Information about El Gouna Egypt 

El Gouna Sale and rent

Although El Gouna is a relatively new resort town, it is a charming destination and is considered the Venice of the Red Sea. It is a fully gated community that offers everything from a relaxing vacation to bustling nightlife and beautiful shores. El Gouna is also designed to be full of greenery and has different bodies of water because it aims to provide a serene and luxurious experience for all its residents. 

El Gouna’s Location 

This city is characterized by its strategic location on the Red Sea coast, located 22 km north of Hurghada International Airport. 

El Gouna is 470 kilometers away from Cairo, about a 5-hour drive. Whereas, the monumental historical city of Luxor is a 2-hour drive from El Gouna. 

What to do in El Gouna? 

El Gouna offers a wide range of activities to choose from based on your preference; from diving, fishing, kite surfing to wilderness safari, golf, horseback riding, and parasailing. El Gouna also has many sports arenas to cater to different interests.

The Most Essential Neighborhoods in El Gouna 

El Gouna Sale and rent

The Marina is considered one of the most beautiful areas in El Gouna and the most important one because it overlooks the sea, it also has a marina for yachts spread throughout the chalets and houses more than 126 yachts at one time. 

The Marina is located in kilo 21 north of Hurghada and includes a variety of shops, cafes, and local and international restaurants. 

The prices of chalets in the Marina will be in the range of 6,000,000 pounds. 

Golf District is distinguished because of the vast landscape of greenery surrounding the area, as it consists of multiple golf courses, beautiful architecture and an artificial lake. 

As for the prices of the chalets for sale there, they are in the range of 1,700,000 pounds. 

Kafr/Downtown is one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in El Gouna because its design is largely inspired by the Mediterranean and nubian aesthetic.

Old/New Nubia: just like the name implies the Nubian neighborhood is full of Nubian style buildings with large domes for ceilings and bright colors that give the area a joyful and down-to-earth charm 

As for its location, it is located between the heart of the city and the Italian Quarter. 

Italian Compound is designed by Roberto Boni and is characterized by its bright colors and a beautiful Italian inspired beach with umbrellas and beach chairs. There are many one-bedroom apartments in the Italian quarter. 

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