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Sahl hasheesh real estate

Sahl Hasheesh has managed to become one of Egypt’s most significant vacation destinations in the recent period, and it happened quickly. The integrated luxury resort offers many advantages besides the distinctive beaches that made it among many picturesque areas in Egypt. The beach of Sahl Hasheesh Resort stretches 12 km long beside the blue sea and soft sand, with services at your side wherever you are. Keep reading this article to know more about Sahl Hasheesh and how can Liza help you invest in it.

What makes Sahl Hasheesh an amazing spot for vacations and real estate investments?

  1. The specific site of Sahl Hasheesh.

Sahl Hasheesh is located 35 minutes from Hurghada International Airport, making its location convenient and easy to access by road or flight.

Although it is one of the most remote cities to spend holidays in, the resort’s location south of Hurghada affects its distinctive weather, especially in winter.

The presence of Sahl Hasheesh near Hurghada helped many to try it, and no one regretted going in any way.

Many tourists also come to the city via Hurghada International Airport.

2.Design and development of Sahl Hasheesh Resort.

When you go back 30 years, you find that it was just a remote city that few go-to for the purpose of practicing water sports and fishing, without many services or housing units in the area.

In 1996, the Egyptian Company for Products decided to transform Sahl Hasheesh into an integrated tourist resort, turning the small city into one of the best tourist places in Egypt.

More than 180 million pounds were invested in establishing a solid infrastructure to transform the city into a full-fledged resort with high standards, where anyone can spend their vacation without having to leave.

The resort has a lot of recreational and service advantages, and Sahl Hasheesh owns a lot of Sahl hasheesh real estate.

The city’s infrastructure works included roads, electricity, water, and other service facilities.

3.Sahl Hasheesh’s features and services.

One of the resort’s best features is the walkway that was carefully designed before the resort was designed.

The company responsible for the resort forbids owning or building any part of the promenade or beach, as it extends for 8 km.

Among the other advantages is the vast reception hall at the entrance to the city, which is one of the impressive and unique features of Sahl Hasheesh.

This lounge contains a lot of shops, cafes, and services to be an excellent start to a beautiful city.

Other services and amenities include theatres, cinemas, public parks, water parks, theme parks, golf courses, main canals, and more.

There are a lot of units that you can find for sale or rent in Sahl Hasheesh as they are available at different prices and spaces.

The prices of Sahl hasheesh real estate are controlled by many factors, including the unique features of the resort.

What is the average price per square meter in Sahl Hasheesh real estate? 

The average price per square meter for real estate in Sahl Hasheesh is EGP 19,450.

A feature that controls prices is that the resort strictly guarantees low building heights and ensures public beaches.

The construction rate does not exceed 20%, in addition to the distinctive site of Sahl Hasheesh and other advantages mentioned in today’s article. We hope that we have mentioned all the information you need, dear visitor.

The spacious and beautiful resort is a unique opportunity for investors who want to buy Sahl hasheesh real estate or chalets in a special location with 5-star services.

Some also prefer buying these units and providing them for rent to achieve income while investing in an increase in the unit price.

How can Liza help you find the best Sahl Hasheesh real estate opportunities?

Liza is a comprehensive platform that allows you to choose among a wide variety of choices for Sahl Hasheesh real estate. Our mission at Liza is to connect the clients, either buyers or sellers, in a direct way that maintains privacy and promotes the efficiency of our clients.

Liza will offer you different forms of Sahl Hasheesh Real estate. You will find villas, chalets, studios, apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and many more forms of properties to suit all needs.

The properties at Liza will be variable in many aspects. You will find different numbers of rooms, locations, distances from the sea, levels of finishing, date of completing the project, the levels of surrounding services, price, payment plans, and installment systems.

Liza will help you find the best options that suit your budget. You will find a wide range of prices that suits everybody. You can pay the value of the property for a number of years in installments with a minimal down payment.

You can use the sort option at Liza to help you rearrange the properties according to many parameters. This will help you find the desired property faster.

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Liza will also help save your time as you will not need to browse other websites thanks to the comprehensive collection on Liza.

Liza’s services are not only concerned with Sahl Hasheesh real estate. Visit our blog to find more about opportunities in The New Capital, The New Alamein, and El Gouna.

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