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El Gouna white villas for sale

Why is El Gouna a world-class tourist spot?

El Gouna tourist attractions, although El Gouna is considered one of the newly developed tourist resorts, it is considered one of the charming destinations there and kidnaps lovers of rest and recreation because it is very quiet and closed to itself. Liza will offer you the real estate opportunities to find the best El Gouna white villas for sale in Gouna.

However, it is full of green spaces, gardens, water channels, and fountains because it aims to provide a healthy and luxurious lifestyle at the same time, so it feels like a masterpiece.

Among the advantages of El Gouna are its charming beaches, beautiful azure blue waves, soft white sand, in addition to its picturesque nature.

This city is distinguished by its strategic location in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast, but it is located 22 km north of Hurghada International Airport, 470 km away from Cairo.

However, it is located near the distinguished historical monuments in Egypt and the archaeological treasures such as the ancient temples in Egypt, including Luxor, Aswan, and Sinai.

What are the best entertainment activities in Gouna?

 El Gouna is where you can practice all the activities that you are in. El Gouna white villas for sale are located in it, whether it is freely such as swimming, diving, fishing, kite surfing or wilderness such as safari, golf, horse riding, parasailing, calf, hiking, tennis, and squash, and volleyball.

You will also find a hall equipped for gymnastics if you are a fan of the gym, I mean, there is nothing better than this!

Although El Gouna is considered a small and quiet resort, you will find in it all the services you dream about, such as the university, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, hotels, beaches, night clubs, a yacht marina, bars, shopping areas, shops, cafes, and restaurants, FM radio station, and museums.

El Gouna white villas for sale

What are the most important neighborhoods in El Gouna?

After we talked about the features of El Gouna and its services, we will tell you the characteristics of each of El Gouna’s neighborhoods so that you know to choose which one that suits your needs.

Marina Town: Wady is considered one of the most beautiful areas in El Gouna and the most important one because it overlooks the sea, El Gouna. You can find El Gouna white villas for sale in it, and it has a marina for yachts spread throughout the chalets and houses more than 126 yachts at one time. Marina Town is located in Kilo 21 north of Hurghada and includes a variety of shops, cafes, and local and international restaurants. The prices of El Gouna white villas for sale in Marina Town will be around 6.000.000 EGP.

 Golf District: This neighborhood is considered one of the favorite choices for lovers of picturesque nature because it is full of gardens, green spaces, and places dedicated to playing golf, but it includes colorful buildings overlooking a wonderful artificial lake. As for the prices of the chalets for sale there, they are in the range of 1,700,000 pounds.

The Mediterranean neighborhood: It is one of the distinctive neighborhoods in El Gouna because it was designed in the style of Mediterranean countries, surrounded by tropical trees in all respects, and grass that gives a magical touch to the place. The Italian neighborhood is distinguished by its bright colors, and its beautiful beaches are spread with sun umbrellas and beach chairs. It was designed by the famous Italian architect “Roberto Boni”. The first time you enter it, you will feel that you are living in Italy!

Al Hadba neighborhood: It is called this name because it was built on a hill, so you will be able to enjoy a charming panoramic view of the whole city from the highest point. This is other than that you will find the weather there special throughout the year than anywhere else because it is 15 meters above the sea.

El Gouna white villas for sale

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