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New Galala city Egypt

New Galala City is a resort city for tourists built on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt. The city is part of the real estate revolution in urban development and housing led by the Egyptian Government in building several new cities. This city lies on the Suez Gulf near Suez city. The city hosts multiple housing projects that are suitable for both high and middle-income Egyptians. The city also houses numerous resorts and hotels for tourists and Egyptians. 

The city is now a great attraction spot for Egyptians and tourists to spend relaxing holidays near Cairo. However, the city includes multiple services and attractions. New Galala city Egypt is not just a tourism center. Galala University has started its operation in September 2020. New Galala will also host the first Olympic Village in Egypt. The city is also a center for the manufacture of Phosphate fertilizers.

In 2017, Al-Galala Rd started operating, and it connected the new city to the rest of the Egyptian networks of roads. The road is an 82 Kilometer-long connection between Ain El-Sokhna Road and the new town.

New Galala, Egypt attractions, and facilities.

New Galala will offer a complete set of recreational activities and facilities. The city will host cable cars, a dancing fountain, central parks, cinemas, theatres, and an international yacht marina. The international marina will host more than 300 yachts and an 80-meter ship.

The coast of Galala will host more than 500 shops in an area designed for real estate investment. The city will also host cable cars connecting the beach area with the mountain area. The mountain part of the city is more than 670 meters above sea level; the beach area is only elated 30 meters.

The cable car will make you enjoy a splendid view of the sea and the mountain at the same time. The cable extends for about 4.5 kilometers and will be one of the most essential New Galala city attractions.

Liza and real estate investment in New Galala City, Egypt.

New Galala looks like a new shining star in the sky of real estate investment in Egypt. This city will be a whole city with all the facilities and services. Galala will not just be another resort for tourists and holidays. 

The Governmental housing projects in Galala are rapidly increasing the values of real estate investments. Liza will help you find the best opportunity for real estate investment in Galala.

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