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Why choose Ain Sokhna?

Cairo To Ain Sokhna
Cairo To Ain Sokhna

Cairo To Ain Sokhna, Ain Sokhna is a great resort spot to spend your time on vacations. There are over a dozen resorts that offer beach-front residential compounds with premium experiences at your price range. Al Sokhna is famous for its warm weather almost all year round, making it the perfect vacation hotspot. Sokhna is only an hour and a half drive away from Cairo and has many resorts and hotels with access to the beach in different price ranges and star ratings

Cairo To Ain Sokhna |Where is Ain Sokhna?

Ain Al Sokhna is part of Suez Governorate and is the closest red sea town to Cairo, this makes Sokhna the most convenient destination for those looking for a vacation not too far from the heart of the city.

Road to Sokhna

With the new Administrative Capital being built between Cairo and Sokhna, roads to and from the cities are being built using the latest technologies and advancements, roads are now safer and more efficient than ever.

Cairo To Ain Sokhna |What is the weather and climate of Ain Sokhna?

Cairo To Ain Sokhna
Cairo To Ain Sokhna

The Ain Sokhna region is characterized by its warm weather throughout the year, making it the perfect vacation getaway even during winter months.

The month of August is the warmest month of the year, the temperature ranges between 39 high and 30 low, and the average rate of humidity is about 50%.

What are the most prominent and important services in Ain Sokhna?

Ain Al Sokhna offers a wide range of services and activities including:

  1. Hotels that range from budget to luxury
  2. Water excursions.
  3. Beach activities
  4. A transportation network, whether internal or external.
  5. Therapeutic services.
  6. Their prices are competitive and relatively affordable
  7. Variety of restaurants 

Liza and real estate investment opportunities in Ain Sokhna. 

Cairo To Ain Sokhna
Cairo To Ain Sokhna

Liza is a Prop tech platform that uses information technology in the field of real estate. We aim to connect the clients with the real estate developers and property owners in a private and direct way.

On Liza, you will find a lot of real estate opportunities in Ain Sokhna resorts. We will offer you different kinds of properties to help you find the perfect one for you. Whether you are looking to find a villa, apartment, chalet, or a private pool, we have what you’re looking for.

The properties we offer at Liza differ in many aspects. You will find variable surface areas, number of rooms, distance from the sea, locations, different levels of finishing, price, payment plans, and installs systems.

Liza will help you to find the options that stay within your budget and the most suitable payment plan for you. You can pay the value of the property in installments variable on the number of years up to 10 years with minimal down payment.

Our platform offers a sort option that can help you rearrange the available properties to find one based on your needs. This will help you find the property you like in Ain Sokhna resorts faster.

When you find a property that you like to buy or sell in Ain Sokhna resorts, you can get in touch with the property owner or the developer through Liza’s chat. Our chat is an encrypted service that connects you directly with the owner. Liza will never share your personal contact information publicly. 

While using Liza, you will not receive random calls for you from real estate agents that got your number from a similar platform. You will not also be bothered by WhatsApp or email messages.

Liza’s services are available in different cities in Egypt. Explore our platform to find more opportunities in The New Alamein, The New Capital, and the 6th of October.

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