New Administrative Capital in Cairo, Explore With Liza

Get to know the New Administrative Capital now. We talk about the benefits of investing in it and about its most important features. Find out about the areas’ business district, residential district as well as the government district. Egypt’s New Administrative Capital is truly a sight to wonder.

The new administrative capital in Cairo is the best residential area in Cairo

New Administrative Capital in Cairo
New Administrative Capital in Cairo

The New Administrative Capital in Cairo is one of the best places to invest and live in Egypt these days. It is an excellent spot for all kinds of residential and commercial real estate investment. You can enjoy a premium lifestyle with all the essential services surrounding you.

The New Capital is the Egyptian government’s primary concern nowadays. The city is one of the most extensive and most expensive projects in all of Egypt’s history. When finished, the New Capital will be home to more than 6 million residents. These residents will live in a modern city with an area larger than Hong Kong. Liza will help you find the best real estate opportunities in the New Capital, Cairo.

The New Capital is a city built in the east of Cairo, in efforts to decrease the congestion of Cairo. The Egyptian people need a new place to keep up with the continuous population growth and the size of investments in Egypt.

What distinguishes the new administrative capital in Cairo?

New Administrative Capital in Cairo
New Administrative Capital in Cairo

The New Capital will be a great center for all the governmental services. The governmental district will host all the ministries, the cabinet, the parliament, embassies, and a presidential palace. This district will be the beating heart of the new city. All the governmental services that you might think of are gathered in one place to make everything easier and faster for the Egyptian citizen.
The business district is also a very vital component of the New Capital. It will host the tallest building in Africa, called The Iconic Tower. This district will be one of the most important business hubs in the Middle East and African region. There will be headquarters of the district’s most important international and national businesses. You will find all the banks available around you, and all the processes will run seamlessly as the city is built in a very smart and efficient manner.
The residential district is also a very important district to look at in the New Capital. This district contains all the residential properties and developments present in the city. The residential options in the district are extremely abundant and varied, to provide as many options as possible for potential buyers.
It is a very good idea to invest in real estate opportunities in 2022. This city will be the most important investment hotspot in Egypt. Both the government and the private sector are giving it a lot of effort and time.
You can buy or rent properties in The New Capital through Liza. There are multiple premium residential projects that you can invest in. If your budget is limited, you will have other options that include governmental housing projects. The demand for properties in The New Capital is increasing day by day.

How Can Liza Help You Find The Best Real Estate Opportunities In The New Capital Cairo? 

New Administrative Capital in Cairo
New Administrative Capital in Cairo

Liza is an Egyptian start-up and a comprehensive platform that specializes in connecting clients with real estate developers and property owners. 

Liza offers a wide variety of properties in all the important cities in Egypt. Where you can find all types of properties.  Liza’s services include offering you all the important opportunities in the New Capital. You will find apartments, villas, studios, chalets, townhouses, twin-houses, and many more types of properties.

There are different features of each property. You can filter the available properties based on a number of parameters such as the number of rooms, location, surface areas, finishing standard, price per square meter, type of compound, different surrounding services, payment plans, installment options, and many more important features.

Liza’s mission is to help you stay within your budget. You will find different prices and payment plans. You can pay the value of the property over a number of years in installments and with a minimal down payment.

When you find a property that you like to buy or rent on Liza, you can get in touch with the owner of the property or the real estate developer directly through Liza’s chat. Our mission is to eliminate the need for third parties and brokers. Liza’s chat is a personal tool with encrypted messaging that allows direct communication between the buyer and seller. 

Your privacy is our number one concern at Liza:

 Liza’s method is to allow direct communication without the need for third parties or sharing contact information publicly. We will never share your personal contact information without your permission.

While using Liza, you will not find random brokers calling you unexpectedly after getting your number from our platform. There will be no more bothersome WhatsApp messages and emails from real estate agencies.

Liza will help you save a lot of money and time. Using Liza to rent or buy a property is entirely free, as we will not charge you any brokerage or commission fees, unlike using the traditional broker methods. The broker’s fee are usually a huge amount that is calculated according to the price of the property. 

Liza’s services are direct and easy to use. It will save you a lot of time, as you will not need to browse other platforms or websites, thanks to the wide variety of choices available on Liza. 

We think that real estate opportunities in The New Capital are the best investment in 2022. Liza can help you find investment opportunities in other cities in Egypt. Explore our platform to find more opportunities in places like The New Alamein, the 5th Settlement, and the 6th of October.

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