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North Coast Egypt Compounds

North Coast Egypt Compounds

Al Masiaf North Coast Compound is one of the most prominent projects that have been implemented, which gives credibility and professionalism as soon as the name is pronounced. It is known that the company allows customers to have all the features of the family resort with standard specifications and the most prominent European designs with Egyptian quality and luxury.

location of El Masiaf compound

It is considered one of the most important projects that is characterized by its distinguished geographical location, which allows easy access. In no more than an hour and a half. Through new Fouka road, which was recently constructed by the Egyptian Armed Forces.

It is 10 km from the village. The compound is located at kilo 211 Alex-Matrouh Road on Ras El Hekma. Next to the famous Fouka Bay village in the North Coast region.

The area of ​​Al-Masiaf Compound North Coast

Al Masiaf North Coast Compound was designed on the latest international and unique designs on an area of ​​171 acres.

Where the percentage of construction does not exceed 20% of the total area of ​​the village. Which increases the possibility of direct view of the sea from the front end all units.

The rest of the space, estimated at 80%, is allocated to green spaces. crystal lagoons and landscapes at the highest level, directly facing the sea. to allow for more imaginative atmosphere and wonderful views.

Al Masiaf Compound on the North Coast also provided a variety of spaces between chalets. townhouses and twin houses. With spaces ranging from 140 square meters to 1000 square meters, at fantastic prices and designs.

North Coast Egypt Compounds: Distinctive sea views and relaxing, eye-soothing views provide the best holidays in a unique family atmosphere.

North Coast Egypt Compounds

Al Masiaf North Coast Compound Services

The company was able to collect many advantages in an integrated manner in the compound of the North Coast to provide the service as fully as possible.

In order to complete the artistic painting of the wonderful nature and create a distinctive atmosphere with a special character in the village.

With the provision of all avenues and lifestyles for all levels with more vast green spaces and artificial lakes coordinated and distributed over all construction spaces to provide a water view for all units, and the most prominent of these services:

  1. Periodic maintenance for integrated cleaning.
  2. downtown.
  3. Playgrounds of all sizes.
  4. Private bathrooms for women.
  5. Water games city.
  6. Halls equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  7. Surveillance cameras cover all parts of the village.
  8. Equipping the marina with all the required services.
  9. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of all types of cars located in the designated parking spaces within the compound.
  10. Security and guarding around the clock.

Features of North Coast Egypt Compounds

  • All units directly view the sea.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes.
  • Crystal Lagoons.
  • Aqua Park and playgrounds for all kinds of sports.
  • Recreational and social clubs at the highest level.
  • Private hotels overlooking the sea direct view.
  • Commercial service areas and malls in various fields and specialties.
  • Automated teller machines cover the entire village.
  • Commercial malls with the latest famous brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Integrated marina facilities for fishing.
  • A private marina for yacht parking.

Jefaira North Coast Compound

You will find Jefaira North Coast compound in the best location in the heart of the North Coast.

The village is located at km 200 on the Alexandria/Matrouh road, directly on the sea.

Directly on Ras El Hekma Bay, which is one of the best areas in the North Coast for a safe investment of your money.

Jefaira North Coast is located after Mountain View Village, and before La Vista North Coast Village.

It is approximately 65 km from Marassi North Coast.

It is about 300 km from Greater Cairo. It is 65 km away from Marsa Matruh. And about Alexandria, about 200 km.

North Coast Egypt Compounds

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