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apartment for sale in gouna

Information about the city of El Gouna

El Gouna is located north of Hurghada on the western coast of the Red Sea. After a short time, Severus’ friends, struck by the splendor of the azure waters and the dramatic backdrop of the mountains, asked him to join him, and the city gradually flourished in the vibrant society it is today.

Beaches and pools in El Gouna

If you are interested in trying a different pool or beach than your hotel, or you are renting an apartment for sale in Gouna and want to know where to go for a swim.

All the beaches and swimming pools there are not just destinations for swimming. But it is a complete entertainment edifice with music, food and the perfect beach ambiance in general.

Golf in El Gouna

El Gouna’s 18-hole course hosts championship golf all year round. Where players can enjoy the amazing mountains and endless sea views.

The stadium has been carefully designed to host training sessions. With warehouses for storing tools, lakes, and greenery in the desert.

Water sports

El Gouna is characterized by miles of beaches and azure lagoons. Where you can go snorkeling, fishing or try one of the many water sports available in El Gouna.

Wild sports

Sport in El Gouna is not limited to what can be practiced in the water only. You can even spend the day cycling, horseback riding, or playing any other sport that comes to your mind.

Getting around the city

Adventurous residents and exploring guests can join any excursion in El Gouna to explore the surrounding area or visit Hurghada and take advantage of the apartment for sale in gouna.

You can also try a luxurious, or simple, boat trip to one or more of the islands surrounding El Gouna.

Or venture into the eastern desert to visit a nearby Bedouin village, stargazing, or tour a desert monastery.

Family Fun Options: The wide range of activities and services available to children is evidence of the community’s commitment to the happiness of its youngest residents and visitors.

Some activities are also designed to involve the whole family. While other services provide a safe environment where children can have fun under the supervision of a professional.

apartment for sale in gouna

El Gouna Landmarks

Marina: El Gouna provides a port for boats to provide the best services in the Red Sea.

It includes several marinas, comprehensive services, and an aesthetically unified port city designed by Italian architect Alfredo Frieda.

El Gouna quickly became a favorite docking place for ships cruising the Red Sea and booking an apartment for sale in gouna.

Abu Tig Marina: Abu Tig is located between the two Red Sea marinas due to the high level of services it provides, as it also offers the best shopping and dining places in El Gouna.

It also has a number of accommodation options in the marina. Which includes hotels ranging from budget places, to 5-star hotels.

The first yacht marina in the Red Sea was opened in 2005 with more than 130 berths. All are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure that yacht owners have quick and easy access to their vessels.

An expansion of the Abu Tig Marina was added in late 2009 to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding mega yacht market. By providing an additional 154 berths for ships up to 60 meters in length.

Abydos Marina

El Gouna’s second berth has a capacity of 34 ships, and it includes many El Gouna diving boats.

It provides dry mooring and repair services, with two ship lifts for ships of up to 30 meters in length (maximum load capacity of 250 tons).

It has a diesel fuel station, power lines, and a maintenance center.

apartment for sale in gouna

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