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North Coast Egypt

North Coast Egypt Weather, The North Coast of Egypt is one of, if not the most popular summer destination in Egypt. During the warm summer days, the North Coast is the perfect escape as it is situated along the stunning Mediterranean coastline. With smooth sandy beaches, crystal clear water and luxurious compounds, the North Coast isn’t only the perfect spot for a beach house but also an incredible investment.


North Coast Egypt Weather
North Coast Egypt Weather

The North Coast is located in the north of Egypt, starting from Rafah all the way to Salloum. With a length of about 1000 km, the coast is divided into 4 regions:

First, the North West Coast, which includes the properties of Marsa Matrouh, Salloum, El Dabaa, Sidi Barani, and finally Sidi Abdel Rahman.

Second, the northeastern coast, which includes Port Said, El Arish, and finally Rafah.

Third, the northern coast, the delta, which includes Rashid, Ras El Bar, Gamasa, Damietta, and finally Ezbet El Borg.

Fourth is the central north coast, which includes Alexandria, El Alamein, Borg El Arab, Sidi Kerir, and finally Marina.

How do you get to the North Coast?

North Coast Egypt Weather
North Coast Egypt Weather

Those heading to the northern coast usually took one route, the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. And from it to the road to Wadi El-Natrun – El Alamein.

At its end, they follow the international coastal road that leads to Marina, El Alamein, Marsa Matrouh, and others.

Depending on where you are going in the North Coast, it is 270 km from Cairo, which would be around a three-hour drive to get there.

The best way to travel to the Sahel

Go Bus Company: buses from Cairo to the North Coast depart from the company’s headquarters in Abdel Moneim Riad. Downtown or Nasr City daily during summer. The prices of the trips are divided into categories, a deluxe plus category, at 145 pounds. Royal class at a price of 205 pounds. And finally, the Elite D.D category, at 265 pounds.

Blue Bus Company: Blue Bus trips are divided into two categories. Business-class at a price of 245 pounds. And a first-class at a price of 295 pounds. The trips depart from Sheikh Zayed or the Mosher axis, heading to Marina 7 on the North Coast.

Super Jet Company: The prices of Super Jet flights from Cairo real estate to the North Coast range between EGP 90 and EGP 150.

SWVL Company: Souffle Company is unique in providing offers and discounts to customers from time to time, with discounts reaching 50% on some flights and at other times. It also gives its customers a lot of moving points to start the journey. The price of the trip from Cairo to the North Coast is 170 pounds.

Uber: Prices for Uber flights from Tahrir – Downtown to the North Coast vary depending on the type of trip. There are UberX trips at a price of 1,217 pounds, and Comfort trips at 1,310 pounds. And Uber Taxi trips at a price of 973 pounds.

Best places to rent chalets in the coastal resorts

On our website we offer a wide variety of units that are available for daily rent where you can specify the number of days of your stay and choose the unit in which you want to spend your trip based on space and type, as well as the level of furniture and services in it.

La Vista North Coast

The village of La Vista is located at kilo 170 on the Alex-Matrouh road.

La Vista compound not only enjoys the amazing beaches of the North Coast but also a unique architectural design. La Vista also offers a swimming pool, beach activities, dining facilities and a supermarket. On our website you will find various residential units available for daily rent.

How can Liza help you to find the best real estate opportunities in the North Coast?

North Coast Egypt Weather
North Coast Egypt Weather

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