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Are you searching to find your online real estate platform? Then we have good news. Liza is now operating in the Egyptian real estate market. Our market has always been thriving in the last few decades. A lot of buildings and districts were built from scratch in Egypt in the last few years. The real estate revolution in Egypt has created new markets and opportunities.

Liza is a comprehensive real estate solution that connects sellers and real estate developers with clients. We offer all kinds of real estate opportunities on Liza. We cover all the important spots for real estate in Egypt.

You can find properties for rent and sale in all the new cities in Egypt. We will find you the best opportunities in The New Capital, The New Alamein, Sokhna, Madinaty and El-Rehab.

You will find all types of real estate opportunities on Liza. Liza offers a wide variety of properties such as apartments, villas, studios, chalets, townhouses, twin-houses, and villas with private pools. You will find on Liza all the important real estate projects and opportunities that are going on in Egypt.

The properties available on Liza are different and variable in many aspects. You can find properties with different surface areas, number of rooms, location, levels of facilities, surrounding services, date of ending the project, price, payment plans, installment systems and many more.

Liza will help its clients stay within the limits of its budget. You will find a lot of different prices and payment plans. You can pay the value of the property over a number of years in installments with the least down payment possible.

Liza is a great tool to make your life easier. We work hard to save you unnecessary time and money. Liza can help you save a lot of money. Using a traditional method as a broker is very expensive. The brokers usually charge you a large sum of money. Their fees are calculated based on the value of the property. Liza’s services are completely free. If you want to buy or rent a property you will not pay anything, we only charge the owner.

Liza is a great tool to help you save time too. We work hard to offer you a comprehensive platform that offers all kinds of properties. You will not need to browse other platforms or websites. This will help you find what you need easier and faster.

Liza can use the sort option to rearrange the available properties according to different parameters. You can arrange the available properties according to price, location, and surface area. This option is very helpful as it will make you find what you need faster and easier.

Our blog and press section offers a comprehensive detailed information about all the important real estate spots for investment in Egypt. We have dozens of articles to offer you financial and strategic real estate guidance. We also explain all the needed details about our platform and how to use it.

When you find a property that you like to buy or rent on Liza, you can get in touch with the owner of the property directly. Using Liza’s chat our platform allows direct free communication between the buyer and seller.Find your online real estate platform and use Liza to exploit all the real estate opportunities.

Liza’s main concern is to maintain privacy and security. You will not find random brokers calling you unexpectedly after getting your number from our platform. There will be no more bothering WhatsApp messages and emails. You will go on doing your real estate transactions in complete privacy and without any bothering marketing agencies.

Liza’s concern for privacy and security have made it a mission to keep the privacy of its clients. That’s why Liza was awarded the ISO certifications of ISO 9001, and ISO 27001. These certificates are for quality control and online data security. This means a higher standard of care and privacy for your data and more efficiency while handling the real estate transactions.

How can Liza help you as a real estate developer or a property owner? 

As a property owner, you need to find a way to market your property and get the best price for it. 

Liza’s services can help you market your property using the fastest methods. We use modern marketing technologies and multiple media platforms to help you find the right client for your property. If you are a real estate developer it is our pleasure to help you with a series of discounts and promotions. We will help you market all your units with amazing prices and offers to cost you less and make you pay less money with fastest results. We will not charge you a lot of money as the traditional methods. Our fees are fixed subscriptions that do not change according to the price of the property. The prices are only variable according to the duration of the ad on our platform.

Liza’s services are here to increase your profits and investment returns. We will also save your time by connecting you with the right client faster. 

It is important to list your property on Liza the right way. You need to know all the basic knowledge about the property. It is also preferable if you attach some high-quality photos with the advertisement. 

Listing your property on Liza has never been easier. If you have a problem with the listing process we can help you. Our customer service is responsive and will help you with any problems that might face you. We can also send one of our agents to help you with the listing process.

Liza’s services extend through the whole Egyptian land. Visit our blog to find more about real estate opportunities in new cities and old downtown. It is now the best time to explore real estate opportunities in The New Alamein, The New Capital, and the 6th of October.

If you are looking to find your online real estate platform, then Liza will spare you the search.

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